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25 Jul

Video-Conferencing Although web and audio conferencing has been proven to significantly reduce the time and expenses associated with business travel, it seems as though many participants are still running short on time. According to a survey conducted by PGi in 2010, more than 50% of the respondents admitted to secretly multi-tasking thought one or more meetings. While this can seem discouraging to hosts, there is good news; as a host you do have a great deal of control and influence. By keeping your attendees fully engaged and participating, you lead them to better, faster decision making, an increase in sales, a decrease in follow-up meetings as well as a multitude of other advantages. To help get you started, weve .piled a small web and audio conferencing best practice list: Customize your conference call settings getting a large number of participants on one conference call at the same time can be difficult. Add in everyones time zones, hectic schedules and ad-hoc issues and its easy to see why not everyone can make a meeting exactly on time. That being said, the last thing you and your participants want to hear 5, 10, or 15 minutes into your meeting is (enter participant name here) has entered the conference. Prior to starting your conference, adjust your settings to either no entrance alert or a small beep to avoid the interruption. Be upfront and ask for full participation from your attendees once your attendees are on the line, inform them of why you are holding the meeting and why it would behoove them to stay fully engaged, such as today we will be making some big decisions about employee benefits that will affect everyone on this call. I know it can be easy to multi-task during these meetings, but I would really appreciate your suggestions and ideas before its finalized. In addition, you can also ask all audio conference participants to refrain from muting their lines, which gives them another incentive to remain quiet and focused and discourages multi-tasking. Cover your agenda/outline in the first 15 minutes studies have shown that attendees are most engaged in the initial 15 minutes, so use that time to cover your meeting agenda or outline Dont limit yourself to text looking at 10-15 slides of text can get monotonous. Try implementing visuals (i.e. graphs, pie charts, images, etc.) into your slides or files studies have shown they aid in information retention, increase attention levels, and help simplify .plex content. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: