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19 Nov

Tibetan Secretary Yang Zhaojun: working ranch road Garicun Baoxing County of Ya’an City, carry forward the spirit of the long march in the new network – Song Jingsi has Sichuan province village Party Secretary Yang Zhaojun, he is a legendary figure in one of the media. With a look forward to standing in front of him, found his dark skin are not comfortable with the flash shot, between words more or less revealed a slightly shy and cautious. Yang Zhaojun is a Tibetan, grew up in the long march of the Red Army crossing the first big snow mountain — Jinshan folder, the Red Army from childhood listening to stories, now is the Party branch secretary of the Garicun. Growing up in the remote folder Jinshan, is not accustomed to Mandarin, but from his fluent Trump and rich experience, is not difficult to capture him and do and competent. After the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, from Chengdu via Dujiangyan to Wenchuan road interrupted by Ya’an highway 210 go around Baoxing County, crossing the Red Army after thousands of year jiajinshan Xin climbed, and then to the Wenchuan highway, become the life channel earthquake relief "". At that time, Garicun affected is also quite serious, Yang Zhaojun spent about 1000000 yuan to repair houses are crumbling. When the village director Yang Zhaojun, not because of his damaged houses and turned away, his family regardless of personal safety, take the initiative to lead the more than and 10 collectors small mountain "robust and strong nursing lifeline". Not intimidated by his determination and Mountains fall and the earth splits., but make it more firm, the initiative to pay special membership dues twelve thousand yuan to support the earthquake reconstruction. It can be said that it is because of adhering to and fighting Tibetan boys he represented, it guarantees to Wenchuan "life channel" accessibility, ensure the earthquake relief work smoothly. "4.20 Lushan earthquake" occurred, Yang Zhaojun regardless of serious loss of their own, provide equipment to clear the Qiaoqi Baoxing highway free, also launched the friends of 20 people, tents near the county highway 210 line next to the affected people, disaster relief volunteer team, etc. to provide free love food, time for a month. Apparently, he is not a talkative collectors man, but looked from the bottom of my heart, he is a responsible, dream a firm communist. He is the most grass-roots party members, but the body is shining with respect to the quality and glory. Seeing the villagers after a few days of grazing on the road, he actively mobilize the villagers to build a road leading to the ranch. In the face of the villagers worried about taking up too much land, he not only move, enlighten them to be more is to be agreed with that, by way of agreement. From 2013 to the present, three years, he led the villagers to build a road of more than and 50 km, the former grazing for two to three days away, and now a day and a day by motorcycle. "He can do, brought a lot of convenience to us, the local villagers have unspeakable psychology on Yang Zhaojun. Contrary to expectation is hard to build the Ranch Road, leading to grassland tourism thoroughfare between the chance. When a reporter broke the news that the ranch was another world, the number of vehicles traveling in the mountains. In the face of visitors from afar and look forward to beg,.相关的主题文章: