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16 Apr

"This  China"; is  popular network   patriotic fan – media – original title this is 90: This is 90 patriotic fan children! A section called "This is China" ("listen, this is China")! "Rap music video popular network). Up to now, this section of the MV in the major video sites have played nearly ten million times, and alerted many foreign media to follow up. 4 members of the MV main songwriter from Chengdu rap band, is 90, in this first positive energy bursting hip-hop music, they told the group of 90 eyes China is what it looks like, "and want to put aside all the prejudices of the past, the impression of Chinese reshaping the world". Hip hop music sing feelings "as everyone knows, Chinese is a developing country, she has a large population, the management has great difficulty." The situation described and then translated into English, hip-hop interpretation, brain hole wide open match, will give people what kind of experience? At the end of June, "This is China" by the Central Communist Youth League recommended @ micro-blog, MV, Facebook, intensive rap loaded opera, lion, panda, porcelain and other Chinese elements for the motherland, attracting the attention of the world the brilliant achievements of praise. Some netizens commented: just listen to the first 5 seconds, it determines the single cycle! Some people say: listen to a kind of impulse to cry…… Film and not evade the issue, also lists the countries in the development of many unsatisfactory places, facing environmental pollution, food and drug safety, corruption and other social problems. But these young people in the eyes of the real Chinese, more effort has been toward a better direction, "we have made great progress, through the mobile phone application software, we can almost mobile payment in any circumstances; we have to trust the police Shu millet, strict gun control laws, we do not worry about shooting; we have discovered artemisinin Tu, and the Shenzhou series of spacecraft……" In the song, the boys again loud expressing their own feelings, making the music’s intention to clarify: "we are ‘China phenomenon’, we love this country, the red dragon not evil, but a peaceful place, Renjiedeling here." The end of the MV, appeared a Meng Meng Da panda, the mood to cherish their love for the motherland all vertices. The form of the super content have a unique style, down to earth, let "This is China" chemical reaction to full of patriotic feelings of the users. "Tell Dave" real China @ Central Committee of the Communist Youth League micro-blog, "This is China" forwarded more than 50 thousand received 8000 messages, 40 thousand points praise. Some foreign media at the same time forwarding, have to interview the creative. The band leader Wang Zixin said in an interview, now many young people in the west do not understand the real China, so we do not expect such a "works to foreigners", which is why the entire song by English expression. Target set, write what? Responsible for writing the band members Lee)相关的主题文章: