This bracelet can stimulate your body force rainlendar

17 Nov

This bracelet can inspire you in the "force" of the "Star Wars" to show us a high-tech world, at the same time, there is no neglect spiritual force: force. This is the way you can also extract the air, as long as you bring a Froce Band bracelet! The magic Bracelet created by Sphero, it allows you to control the direction of movement of a BB-8 robot, such as the palm of your hand to push, BB-8 will run out. Bracelet is currently only three gestures, namely push, pull and stop. Sphero recently released a new App, called IFTTT, the name is If This Then That (if so, then), with this App object, Force bracelet can control more than one BB-8 robot. IFTTT can be connected to the home’s smart devices via Bluetooth, such as in the morning, you can use a beautiful position to make your coffee machine coffee. And when you are "force" release, the mobile phone can also play the "Star Wars" background music, with a melodious singing: Use the Force (see my interest!) It is cool to no friends. App has some built-in code, allows you to control for some smart devices, for example, you can install an intelligent lock in inviting friends to play at home when you pretend to use ideas to open the door, and then quietly enjoy the others face Meng forced expression. To let light through gestures fell off slowly is a good play, just use the ‘force’ control of different things when you are debugging mobile phone App, looks very troublesome, but this kind of "ideas", rather than a mobile phone to control object is really have a sense of achievement. Force Band Bracelet priced at $79.99 (about 553 yuan), life for an hour, BB-8 priced at $100. There is a universal force, after the "Star Wars" fans don’t have to take a glowstick foolishly to cut off.相关的主题文章: