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19 Nov

These are the things that daddy wants to do with his kids Sohu – maternal family education is mom and dad two things, because men and women of different personalities, the way of doing things is not the same, mom and dad with the child will feel more love, is very helpful for the formation of children’s healthy personality. In Chinese, male and female in traditional family values, ignore the father for a child’s education, implicit plus Chinese type of father, children are generally more affected by the influence of her mother. Next, I’ll share some of the things I should do with my dad. 1 most of the mothers like to stay at home, do not like to go out to exercise, and dad’s motor nerve is usually more developed. When you have free time to play with their children to play, running, cycling, you can also watch the game at home. But each child muscle development and movement speed is not a trick to understand, so Dad don’t be too qiuhaoxinqie, mainly with children can enjoy the movement process. 2 relax, although venting is seen as a manifestation of a waste of time, but according to the observation of experts in psychology, the mother will always be can’t help control ", the people will be more anxious. Dad is able to call the card on the card, so mom and dad can be complementary. The children often play with Daddy, together with myself, what a wonderful thing. 3 out of adventure mother partial guard, always worried about a child who will have any danger. But after the child is three years old, there will be a strong curiosity, would like to explore the outside world, this time it is necessary to help my father. Because Dad would be more comfortable with the children, children affected by the flesh wound, the father will not feel the sky is falling down, if the child is in danger, Dad can react in the first time. However, adventure is not a dangerous place, but to go to a place full of curiosity. 4 his "skills" to teach children oriented, pay attention to the efficiency and method of the father, in daily life can teach children some professional knowledge. This will not only effectively enhance the understanding of the child, but also let the child worship you. In general, when the child is five or six years old can be carried out. 5 love mother had a very popular word, called "loving parents is the best tutor". Dad in front of the children to express love for mother, because children at home have been observed in adults that will affect their every word and action, and get along with the days after sex. If the mother is not happy, the child will not be happy. Because most of the children and mother stay a long time, because the mother is the main discipline, father to support the mother, and mother. Dad can take her mother to take care of children, arrange the couple get along with time, two people together can send kids to classes, children use neutral drink coffee, chat, let mother feel their love! 6 do the United States, "Parents" magazine to remind, Dad can take his son to do housework, teach his son to cook, or to help her daughter to take a bike相关的主题文章: