The Yellow River source of Qinghai Province, 185 km of ecological stabilization of the Yellow River

10 Apr

The source of the Yellow River in Qinghai province 185 kilometers the Yellow River eco reinforcement levees – Beijing Beijing in September 12 Xining Xinhua (reporter Zhang Tianfu) even the day, in the Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Hainan province Guide County of the the Yellow River River flood control project construction on the dam, the workers are to Gabion material filled with stone. The director of the the Yellow River River Flood Control Project Construction Bureau of Qinghai Province, Ma Dongguang 12, introduced the Qinghai province rainfall due to uneven distribution in time and space, and the the Yellow River coastal vegetation is sparse, easy to form a disaster after rainfall, coupled with the previous flood control infrastructure is weak, the flood control task is heavy. In 2015, Qinghai Province officially launched the the Yellow River River flood control project, the project for the national 172 major water-saving water conservancy construction project of the project, a total investment of 1 billion 130 million yuan. It is reported that the project management scope of Qinghai Province, Huangnan, Hainan, Golog three and Haidong City owned a total of 36 townships in 15 counties (towns), governance of the the Yellow River River and ditch Mizoguchi River (ditch) road 153 kilometers, layout 73 flood control projects, construction of 185.95 km. Ma Dongguang said, the new project (24) (dike revetment) and other engineering measures on the the Yellow River River, ditch eroding and serious collapse, flood control standards do not meet the requirements of the river and 34 along the Yellow River irrigation station for protection. It is reported that after the completion of the project, will effectively protect the population of 75 thousand and 700 people, 38 thousand and 100 acres of arable land protection, the protection of 18 thousand and 800 acres of forest, 32 thousand and 700 acres of grassland protection, protection of highway 56 kilometers, pumping stations 34 door. Ma Dongguang introduced the design flood standard of the project for the county in 30 years, the flood control standard of towns, temples for 20 years, villages and farmland of flood control standards for 10 years. "This is the first time in the Yellow River Province, Qinghai Province, the the Yellow River River system." Ma Dongguang said that this will effectively improve the flood control capacity of the Yellow River section of Qinghai, to prevent soil erosion, protect people’s lives and property safety along the coast, improve the management level of the river. Guide flood control project supervision engineer Zhu Guanghao told reporters Beijing, between the gabion material filled with stone, set aside a certain size of the space to be filled with dirt and grass into the stone cage, in the course of time, stone cage President Bush, which will form a small ecosystem, and in part of the dam, the project will cover the soil, sowing the seeds, in order to achieve green ecological protection. (end)相关的主题文章: