The wedding to drink fragments man driving in Tianjin Lianzhuang six cars one-ssport

17 Apr

The wedding to drink "fragments" man driving the wedding in Tianjin Lianzhuang six cars one is happy, did not think that excessive drinking is driving sorrow. When he was seized, per hundred milliliters of blood alcohol content as high as 216.8 mg, a Lianzhuang six car accident a man he can’t remember how the accident. 20:20 on October 21st, it rained, "I sondo in the District of Beichen Hua gate of GreenTree Inn is a" Lu "license plate white SUV rear end after the other escape." Appropriate white road brigade police received alarm. Then, and many people are pointing to the site of the accident alarm, huasheng. After arriving at the scene, police found a small passenger cars in the road, a motor tricycle was damaged, and a pedestrian on the ground. At the distance of rear passenger car about one kilometer, there are three cars parked on the roadside car was badly damaged, otherwise, a license plate number for "Lu H736xx" small passenger car parked on the roadside, the car door open and strong wine. The police visited the scene of the accident is, this car license Shandong white Great Wall passenger car, at this time, the 120 emergency vehicles that hit the pedestrian died on the spot, while the driver of the vehicle has been missing. Police found the car driving license and a cell phone on the car, the driver’s license to show the car registered owner of Ma Moumou, Shandong, Jining. Traffic police through cell phone call records linked to Ma Moumou colleagues, that Ma Moumou daily living in the dormitory. 21:30, Ma Moumou just returned to the hostel, was caught by the police. After forensic identification, Ma Moumou blood alcohol content of up to 216.8m mg per milliliter, for the state of drunkenness. Ma Moumou said that before the incident, he drove to the hotel in the wedding banquet colleagues, drink a lot of wine, beer, then he had drunk "fragments". Currently, Moumou has been Beichen branch of public security on suspicion of endangering public security criminal detention.相关的主题文章: