The washerwoman Cup prose poetry contest Taipei Awards – Taiwan Channel –

16 Apr

The "washerwoman Cup" prose poetry contest Taipei Awards – Taiwan Channel – newspaper in Taipei on 13 October, (Sang Shaohuai, Yang Gang, Wang Jun) fifth cross strait "washerwoman Cup" safe motherhood? Theme of prose poetry contest awards ceremony held in Taipei in October 13th. The contest received a total of 621 entries, the top 37 winners piece. Sponsored by the government of Huaiyin District, Jiangsu, Huaian. The washerwoman is the Qin and Han Dynasty, an ordinary mother in Huaiyin, according to "historical records? Huaiyin Hou biography" records, when the poor Han fishing in the city of Huaiyin, for dozens of days eating the washerwoman to him, without any return, and motivate the Han make efforts. Han Xin helped Liu Bang establish the Han Dynasty, to meet the washerwoman, return to the daughter, "the touching story of a rice daughter" posterity. Huaiyin mayor Zhu Xiaobo said at the ceremony, Huaian and Taiwan have maintained frequent economic and cultural exchanges, the economy for 5 consecutive years was rated "Taiwan investment strongly recommended the city", is the only approved Taiwan funded enterprises "industrial transfer demonstration zone gathering service". The culture held 5 consecutive washerwoman Cup "cultural activities, enhance the Huai Taiwan people’s emotional communication, build a platform for cultural exchanges between the two places. With the help of the activities of the Chinese nation to further promote the benevolence, kindness, dedication of the traditional virtues, to better demonstrate the grace of the Huaiyin culture of the charm of love. Participants in the speech have recalled the great mother and warmth, fully affirmed the positive significance of this event held in Huaiyin. In order to expand participation in the contest, this contest were set up in adult group, the group of junior middle school essay competition. The adult group competition Selected Prose Category winners award 1, first prize 1, two prize 3, third-prize 5; adult poetry category winners prize 1, two prize 3, third-prize 5; first, the junior high school group winners prize two, three etc. each of the 1 award. In addition to a number of works have won prizes. (commissioning editor: Wang Ying (Intern), Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: