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18 Nov

The volatile memory of Jiangxi Academy of fine arts channel, original title indelible: essential indelible memory of Jiang Yue Academy of plateau feelings impression? 114× 180cm 2016 original title: volatile memory of autumn fresh wipe not to go, and once a year to the beginning of the season. In the early 80s of last century, The China Academy of Art was "Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts" period, I was fortunate to be admitted to the first art education department students. The beautiful West Lake cultivate my life sentiment, dormitory, classrooms, cafeteria, 3.1 rhythm and inspiring. Every night in the library, after closing to 10 points back to the bedroom, even after the candle lights at half an hour. At that time we have organised some extra-curricular interest groups, Sunday is a good time to go out sketching, painting or watercolor sketches, or. Our first Dean was Xia Ziyi. He was a very kind old man with a southern accent. Later I learned that he was born in Zhejiang Yueqing, early in the prints, "Wen Yiduo" has come out and other good works, served as the school principal. He is our teacher of the flowers and birds painting, ink works concise style is straightforward, summary. And before I was admitted to the Academy of fine arts is very love painting, I show him some of my Chinese painting figure painting and flower and bird painting works, got his full affirmation and encouragement. After that, I have often to consult the problem of Chinese painting, he always diligently with me about some of his views, such as "painting" — the significance of line, I benefited from, one of my graduation creation is Chinese painting, also won the outstanding achievement. After graduation, he also wrote for me an introduction and review articles published in the newspapers and magazines, unfortunately the old man died in 2000. Our second Dean Wu Delong teacher, in 1984 from the Department of technology transfer. Mr Wu’s hair, forehead light, very scholarly, love dancing, humorous speech. He is a professor of watercolor painting, the lecture is very good, every time I see certain works are always the main advantages, which made me good at giving systematic guidance, feelings of this kind of painting watercolor. Remember he took us to the Xin’An River painting, I drew a picture with green willow as the main body and the Green River as the background of the works, got his praise, that I painted watercolor enthusiasm. He left me an unforgettable words: "watercolor painting is the Queen", and since then has changed the direction of my major, so I never engaged in watercolor painting teaching, creation and research. After graduation, I often visit and ask him for advice. Speak up, I won the two national art exhibition of watercolor painting award, with his guidance inseparable. Whenever I am confused always willing to talk to him, and every time he will be relieved and guidance, to lift the hearts of knots. I see the results, he would say, "to you, I was right!" because it is the first, is the first in the domestic art institutions, the staff is not very complete, but the "blessing in disguise", many famous teachers of The China Academy of Art has taught to us. For example, Shu Chuanxi, song quanshanshi)相关的主题文章: