The villagers suspected treasure chicken weighs about 500 grams in the chicken belly (Figure) – Beij sichen

15 Nov

The villagers suspected "treasure chicken weighs about 500 grams in the chicken belly (Figure) – foreign Beijing chicken found after caesarean section. (Photo by Li Yonghui) Sichuan Nanchong news network August 24th news (reporter He Chunlin) to kill the chicken, but a suspected foreign body "chicken treasure" was found in the chicken belly, which makes the home Lang Chi Town Red Village Yingshan villagers Jiang Mingdong very happy. But what is this? Jiang Mingdong did not know, to find a teacher, the County Quality Supervision Bureau and the North Sichuan Medical College doctor, could not confirm the final. Currently, Jiang Mingdong will still be suspected of chicken treasure foreign body in the home. Open foreign things inside. (Li Yonghui) August 13th, from Guangdong, Shenzhen workers home from work in the. For second days, give him a dinner, the family was ready to rest a few years old hen to kill to eat. Who knows, just a cut, it is found that the chicken belly there is a foreign body, about 1 pounds of weight, like a peach. With a knife and then cut open the foreign body inside the package, with a hard object the size of an egg yolk color, with not much difference between. "3 years ago, the chicken was purchased from a dealer in the county seat." Speaking of this chicken, Jiang Mingdong told reporters on the phone, when he bought a total of 10, of which cock 6, hens, only 4. Open the sun. Li Yonghui (photo), said Jiang Mingdong, a year ago, found that chicken treasure, the hen did not regenerate eggs, usually eat less, but the chicken belly but down to serious, and even walk some problems. Chicken itself is only 2 pounds more, and this chicken treasure accounted for nearly half of the weight. What the hell is this? The village people feel strange. August 15th, Jiang Mingdong with this group of foreign bodies to the county to find teachers and Quality Supervision Bureau consulting, but can not confirm what it is. So he took the train to Nanchong, North Sichuan Medical College, but finally did not find the answer. As a result, Jiang Mingdong simply will chicken treasure to take home, its drying. Currently, for this suspected chicken treasure foreign body, Jiang Mingdong hope insiders can help him solve the mystery of the heart.相关的主题文章: