The United States consumer report released the 10 worst models Japanese car actually more than half candle june

19 Nov

U.S. consumer report released the 10 worst models: Japanese car actually more than half of the United States authoritative magazine consumer report, the vehicle test is one of the world’s most comprehensive, most stringent vehicle test. According to the magazine from the interior to the level of vehicle control and other aspects of the rating of vehicles, rating from "excellent" to "poor" classification, there will be some special circumstances, some vehicles fall into the worst rating, was judged as "not acceptable". The day before the relevant foreign media to sort out the 10 paragraph to "consumer reports" black car. Some car sales achieved great success, "consumer reports" is not the problem, because the models also have negative ratings even so unable to get up after a fall, car prices and the "consumer report" in court. The design and quality of 10.2007-2012 dodge Nitro dodge Nitro shocking to the "consumer report" couldn’t help to sniff at, the magazine bluntly summed up the narrow space of car engine, suck and reeked of cheap feeling. Many consumers do not buy it for the car completely. 9.1968 AMC Ambassador SST1968, the U.S. independent car manufacturer AMC produced a high value of the Ambassador car. In the pre production, as the flagship Ambassador car to the first air-conditioned American car company executives are eager to create a great sensation, put it into production. Unfortunately, early production models of design on the brake test just passable, gasoline fuel from the fuel supply tube overflow. Although the problem can be resolved later, but Ambassador has been bleak, reputation destroyed, AMC company after 20 years of development is not smooth, until 1988 was acquired by chrysler. 8.2003 Nissan Kroraina (Murano) Nissan Murano was launched in 2003, and achieved good results. Nissan Murano eye-catching appearance represents Nissan’s new design direction. Nevertheless, the "consumer report" is still a red light on it, the poor sense of vehicle handling, steering stiffness. So in the case of Nissan Murano popular, the magazine still refused to recommend the car. Later Nissan improved the problem, the consumer report to the 2005 Nissan Murano given the recommended rating. 7 Subaru Subaru 360 only 408 kilograms, 3 meters long. The Volkswagen Beetle in front of Subaru seems to have become a huge monster. At that time, the consumer report as the most dangerous vehicles in the United states". The 6.1978 dodge Omni1978 dodge Omni (1978 Plymouth horizon), in order to deal with the last century the United States in 70s the fuel crisis, Chrysler redesigned the "Horizon" models. The success of the front wheel drive design, but also to ensure that this mini car 10 years of life journey. The car is released Chrysler in bankruptcy protection, dodge the success of the Omni will Chrysler pulled back from the brink of bankruptcy. But the Omni is of poor quality, the safety record is very bad, the steering is not able to successfully get the "consumer report" unacceptable rating. The Time in the United states.相关的主题文章: