The truth of universal insurance advantages and disadvantages queer as folk

19 Nov

The truth of universal insurance is worded Sina Financial e observation (WeChat public number: sinaeguancha), the insurance company insurance columnist will be a year of money into the duration for several years or even decades of long-term equity investment for the actual duration of the liabilities, and its actual investment cash flow only from the investment company the cash dividend, the long with short money for insurance companies to bring some pressure on cash flow. Universal insurance is to eat whole grains, highlighting the advantages, but also disadvantages to conceal, concise content. First good. Universal insurance fee is flexible, high transparency, the amount can be adjusted, the policy value and receive income is relatively high and convenient. Universal insurance is in addition to traditional life insurance with the same giving life support, also let the customers participate directly by the insurance company for the insured to establish the investment account funds in the investment activities, the value and the insurance companies operate independently of the insured fund investment accounts linked to performance. Universal insurance with higher returns. In the context of bank interest rates into the downward cycle, the rapid decline in the yield of financial products. However, the current annual yield of universal insurance market is generally higher than the deposit rate, bank financial yield, the actual rate of return of traditional annuity and dividends. From July 2016 data, the bank’s one-year deposit rate further down, only 1.5%, the balance of treasure fiery two years ago, the annual yield of seven from the highest point to 2.4%, participating insurance and financial products for three months, the rates were 3.5% and 4%, universal insurance settlement rate in average income 4%-6%, was significantly higher than that of four varieties. Although the net loan platform is still less than 10% of the rate of return, but the insurance industry regulation is more perfect, the insurance company’s strength is also more abundant, the risk of universal insurance to buy significantly lower than the net loan platform. Universal insurance is conducive to small and medium enterprises to break through insurance, reduce the concentration of the insurance market. With the rapid growth of high price strategy of small and medium sized insurance company type universal insurance business since 2012, small and medium enterprises insurance universal insurance ratio increased from 62% in 2015 to 78% in 2013, while China life, Ping An, Taikang, CPIC, Xinhua, Taiping, PICC Life Insurance Company seven universal insurance market share decreased significantly. Universal insurance sales of large size small and medium-sized insurance enterprises, China, Qianhai, Ampang life and harmony health company. These life insurance companies with the help of universal insurance to expand the market scale, the challenges of traditional life insurance companies, but also to promote the diversification of the insurance market players. In addition, universal insurance is also conducive to play the role of insurance financing channels. All risks must be said. The most important is the high price products is a major risk point of universal insurance. In the battle of the million treasure, universal risk lying gun, why? First of all, this and our country insurance industry, insurance companies illness insurance sales, product marketing, customer service in some non-standard practices; secondly, with China’s universal insurance products structure. According to the distribution of the cash value, will generally be divided into high price universal insurance universal insurance)相关的主题文章: