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24 Jul

‘Hope’- is something that brings the promise of a better tomorrow. It gives strength to face the darkest hours and wait for the dawn. In today’s world, centered around material wealth, time pressure, social expectations and rising costs, it is easy to see why, when life becomes challenging, people can fall prey to a sense of hopelessness. Hopelessness can engulf our very existence as pressures from the surrounding world become overwhelming. Hopelessness makes us feel that there is no solution to a particular problem or the issue we are facing. It can be accompanied by stress, anxiety, panic and fear of the future. In states of hopelessness people get caught up in waves of negative thoughts and feel there is no positive future, life feels bleak. Some common life situations that trigger hopelessness are:- 1 Relationship problems 2 Loneliness 3 Lack of social support 4 Emotional trauma 5 Finances 6 Career 7 Family disputes etc. Having a sense of hopelessness can have serious consequences. People experiencing a sense of hopelessness can; become withdrawn, have erratic behavior, suffer from lethargy , develop nervous behavior traits, lose their appetite, be very emotional and lack clarity /focus in actions. In search for an escape from the emotion, people turn to drugs or alcoholism. In extreme cases, hopeless and helpless people get so depressed with life that they start to feel that they do not want to live anymore.In some cases prolonged feelings of hopelessness can lead to suicide. Why Does A Person Feel Hopeless? A person can develop a feeling of hopelessness when their current life does not match up to their expectations. When the difference is great between the reality of life and the expectations of life, people can start to lose hope, if through time the difference continues to diverge away from our expectations and inner desires for life, people increasingly start to become disillusioned with life, have no sense of achievement, become despondent, have low motivation, suffer from boredom, lack of interest, low self esteem, apathy, lethargy and lose respect for others and themselves. In this scenario people can get caught up in a spiral that takes them into a deeper and deeper feeling of sadness, emptiness and hopelessness. A lack of trust in life develops when there is no belief in the future, a feeling of loneliness, helplessness, emptiness and deep sadness that life is not living up to our inner desires.This sense of emptiness can develop when we become detached from our soul/spirit.When over time we have lost touch with our inner guidance system, our intuition. The"gut" instinct or inner guidance system is a natural mechanism, used daily by animals to find food, shelter and water, that tries to urge us to flow in the right direction for our soul and spirit and as such to ultimately bring happiness and fulfillment in life. Over time many individuals do not follow their natural instincts but start to make head based decisions that are centered around immediate needs, curtailed by self limiting beliefs and are influenced heavily by social norms and pressures. In so doing people can move against their instincts and start to flow against nature’s guidance, in this scenario the soul starts to feels unfulfilled, life starts diverging with our true purpose and ultimately takes a step away from finding happiness. When we follow our inner guidance there is no over thinking, you just flow with what makes you feel right, there is a belief that everything will be as its meant to be, a trust that nature, the Universal Intelligence, Vital Life Force, Creator, God of Each Person’s Understanding is with you and that everything is possible. In this way you start to flow with nature and your soul leads , moving you towards the opportunities and outcomes that are right for you and ultimately starts to bring contentment and happiness into life. Dealing with hopelessness In a state of hopelessness, people lack motivation so finding enthusiasm to start to change the situation can be difficult. Taking steps to transform can be tough and support from friends or family during this phase can really help. Traditional help for severe hopelessness includes:- anti depressant medications, psychiatric advice, psychotherapy, counseling, nutritional and dietary advice, career services are all used to lead people into transformation.Where individuals are suicidal, they can be sectioned by a doctor and taken into psychiatric units for further treatment. Alternative therapies that can help include:- 1 Guidance/blessings from spiritual/religious leaders 2 Yoga 3. Meditation 4 Reiki, 5 Tai-chi 6 Qigong 7 Listening to transformational leaders 8 Acupuncture 9 Chinese herbs 10 Homeopathy. For transformation to happen, people need to change perspectives on life and start to follow their inner guidance system.Many of the modalities above treat symptoms and not the root cause of hopelessness.This may result in small improvements or slow changes to the situation and take a long time to bring about change. The effects of which can be temporary or intermittent. One process that has had extremely positive effects in bringing people back in touch with their inner guidance and into a state of happiness from a state of hopelessness is the Trivedi Effect. This is a natural phenomenon that has been experienced by over 150,000 people, tens of thousands of which have left testimonials attesting to the amazing transformative benefits they received as a result.People suffering from fear of the future, hopelessness , depression , anxiety ,low self esteem/confidence as well as conditions that are otherwise hard to resolve have experienced significant relief, improvement or elimination of these conditions. Individuals have reported heightened mood states, described as an "inner bliss" and a "deep calm," or states of profound inner joy and happiness. To see people"s testimonials visit The beauty of this process is that it can be received in the home, without any effort and can bring about transformation in short periods of time. The Trivedi Effect The Trivedi Effect is a natural phenomenon, validated by science, that has astounded the world, with its impact on humans, plants, trees, cell tissue, animals, microbes and even non-living materials. It was brought to the world through Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi who developed the ability to harness a universal energy through his thoughts and apply it to living organisms and non-living materials through Energy Transmissions"". This brings about long-lasting and incredible transformation. More information is available at has ruled out change occurring as a result of the placebo effect. To find out more about the Trivedi Science"" please view Dahryn Trivedi and Gopal Nayak also possess the ability to transmit this energy. Through the company Trivedi Master Wellness "" people from all over the world can access the Trivedi Effect and receive energy transmissions for themselves through Trivedi Wellness Programs"". To find out about how to receive an Energy Transmission for yourself or to find out more about the Transmission programs available please go to or.trivedieffect../programs In this energy transmission process, the energy connects people with their inner guidance system so that, within a short period of time, people start harnessing the Life Force/Vital Force from the God of their understanding. This can bring everything into a person"s life ultimately leading to true happiness. If you have been struggling with lack of direction/feelings of hopelessness and are wanting that to change, then explore what the Trivedi Effect can do for you. 相关的主题文章: