The three sides of the joint medical experts in Shandong free of charge for the first fat downsizing govos

14 Nov

On both sides of the three medical experts to free Shandong first fat "downsizing" – Beijing, Beijing, Baoding, October 25, (Lv Zihao Yu Junliang) 25, the Taiwan Chinese Medical University attached hospital dean, metabolism form medical center yaships International Diabetes and obesity center chief medical adviser Huang Zhikun, academician of Hongkong expert group the College of Surgeons of Hebei province Jason and director of the Baoding Municipal Second Hospital Department of hepatobiliary surgery Li Quanfu, in the second hospital of Baoding City, the free implementation of gastric bypass surgery for weighing up to 420 pounds of Shandong first fat Peng Xinjun, realizing the dream of "downsizing". Qihe County, Shandong, Peng Xinjun, 49 year old obese patients, height of 183 cm, weighing about 420 pounds, had been due to weight loss of 290 pounds by the media attention for the past 15 months, known as Shandong’s first fat". Peng Xinjun said that the implementation of 1996 after varicose vein surgery, the weight of sustained growth, the highest weight reached 478 kg, hip 5 feet. Over the years, has tried drugs to lose weight, weight loss, exercise, diet, weight loss and other methods, weight was reduced to more than and 190 pounds, but two years after the rebound again. Because of obesity, 20 years, he can only sit and sleep, living on the thin body of his wife to take care of. "I just want to be thin, just like a normal person, to do something for my wife and family." According to the director of the Department of hepatobiliary surgery the second hospital of Baoding city Li Quanfu, Peng Xinjun learned the weight rebound again after he was appointed to the hospital made a special trip to Shandong Peng Xinjun home, found that the action is very inconvenient, and the lower limb blood circulation has been affected, to help the "thin" dream, the United yaships International Diabetes and obesity center, decided to implement free gastric bypass surgery. Expert group on Peng Xinjun (right) for preoperative consultation. Photo by Yu Junliang Li Quanfu said, in order to ensure the smooth progress of bariatric surgery in Peng Xinjun, which in addition to a full range of medical examination, especially for extra large beds, stools, beds, surgical gown and extended surgical instruments. Yaships International Diabetes and obesity center chief medical adviser Huang Zhikun said that obesity is a metabolic disease, bariatric surgery is by reducing the patient’s stomach capacity and heat absorption, changes of the patients with gastrointestinal flora, brain cognitive function and make patients on hunger and satiety change. The surgery is an effective way to solve the problem of obesity and diabetes in China’s metabolic diseases, trained doctors and teams to carry out bariatric surgery, the risk is even smaller than the appendix surgery. Huang Zhikun said, Peng Xinjun accepted free surgery, according to the requirements of the international standard JCI high-end hospital, and will provide high quality preoperative and postoperative services. "I hope the technology can make more and more obese patients in Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas to be treated." It is reported that Shandong had been 270 Jin mangnv Zhou Chunling, Guizhou 14 year old boy Wang Chunyun 330 pounds, benefit from yaships International Diabetes and obesity center public bariatric surgery. On the same day, the second hospital of Baoding yaships inaugurated the international diabetes and obesity center, the second hospital of Baoding has become Asia)相关的主题文章: