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17 Nov

The three brothers live in the mansion in 200 million old Lai Court arrest please unlock master – Sohu news Modern Express News September 17th, September 16th 5 in the morning, Jiangsu Yangzhou municipal court autumn crucial focus on the implementation of activities kicked off. Guangling City Development Zone, Hanjiang, three home court in the city court unified police, under the unified command, to "your peace" Laolai three brothers were forced to search and arrest. Modern Express reporter to follow the executive staff, the whole process witnessed the arrest. It is understood that the old Lai three brothers involved in the subject of about two hundred million yuan, due to inability to fulfill legal obligations, was eventually taken by the court of judicial detention. In two hundred million the villa contain three brothers at 5:30 in the morning, before dawn, Yangzhou City Intermediate People’s court and the Guangling Development Zone, Hanjiang, court of joint implementation brigade came to a small urban area of the villa will be "Laolai three brothers lived in building 16, 2 to 4, the villa door blocked tightly. "Open the door, we’re in court." The executive told the modern express reporter, the family has a wealth of peace, the four brothers, who lived in the house of the four villas were arranged in accordance with the age from east to west, looks very impressive. The second one of your 61 years old, the youngest one flat at the age of 57, a 53 year old Ann four, three brothers from the start to the development of their contractors, project contracting, construction of a number of well-known in the Yangzhou District, a group of wealthy local earlier as. A few years ago a lot of investment failure, borrowing three brothers can not repay, to become today’s "Laolai three brothers". It is understood that the three brothers in Yangzhou court involving a total of private lending, financial loans and other cases from the beginning of the case, involving about $200 million, has dragged on for three years, the creditors reflect strongly in the past more than and 30 years, in the case of a total of about $two. Two open the door that the home is the most valuable TV 5:45, the first home of a villa in the second door, we do not have a penny, you search it." A plump your silver hair, clothes, clean and decent. The executive produced the relevant documents, and conducted a search. Modern Express reporter on the scene noted that some of your looks very calm, the family is now living expenses are not available, the money on the card is not more than thirty thousand, the most valuable is a tv." In 4 minutes, a fourth an residential villa also opened the door. A skinny Ann spread his hands said: "we have a problem to reflect." Then, a safety out of a thick pile of debt, put into a bag, ready to take to the court with the investigation. Modern Express reporter noted that a precious and a home layout is almost the same, is a two storey small building. According to the executive staff, the three "Laolai" residential villa, are registered in the name of children. Did not respond to the master was asked to open the door to open the modern express reporter then came to a flat house door. Court officials continue to knock on the door, and across the window to show identity, a flat home has not responded. The final executive called to unlock the master. In the process of unlocking, a plump young man came to the scene, the theory and law enforcement, "I am a citizen, I can’t look at it, why don’t you notice people breaking? You.相关的主题文章: