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16 Apr

The Supreme Law: to increase public efforts to eliminate the selective access to the referee instruments – Sohu news yesterday morning, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress held its twenty-fourth plenary meeting of the third. The meeting heard the report of the Supreme People’s court, Zhou Qiang, made a report on Deepening Judicial Openness and promoting judicial justice. He said that the establishment of a unified national court case information query system, so that the parties to the case through the same platform to query the target of all process information. The meeting listened to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate Cao Jianming’s "on the strengthening of the supervision of investigation and justice of the report" and "on the prosecution of public interest litigation case pilot interim report". Cao Jianming said that the prosecution continued to strengthen the supervision of filing activities, and resolutely correct the case does not stand, do not investigate the crime and illegal use of criminal means to intervene in economic disputes and other issues. The supreme law of the report will eliminate selective judgment documents on the Internet for some selective court judgment documents on the Internet phenomenon, the supreme law Dean Zhou Qiang said on November 5th, will increase the overall judgment documents public efforts to establish a strict internet approval mechanism, put an end to choose Internet problems. In the twelve session of the twenty-four meeting of the NPC Standing Committee held the same day, Zhou Qiang "on the deepening of open justice and promoting judicial justice of the report" when, in July 1, 2013, the supreme open "China referee network" on the line, in addition to the requirements involving state secrets, juvenile crime, by mediation, divorce or involving minors such as child custody cases, unified judgment made in the courts China referee network open. Zhou Qiang said, as of October 16th this year, Chinese referee network public judgment documents more than 21 million 800 thousand articles, access exceeded 3 billion 100 million passengers, of which more than 800 million people visited from overseas, covering more than and 200 countries and regions, to become the world’s largest network of judgment documents. In addition, the implementation of China’s open information disclosure network, as of October 16th has announced the implementation of the 44 million 870 thousand information. Establish dishonesty debtor list system, strengthen credit discipline, the cumulative release of dishonest debtor information in 5 million 440 thousand cases, take credit disciplinary measures 6 million 740 thousand people, 510 thousand dishonest debtor credit discipline by the initiative to fulfill the obligations. Zhou Qiang said, the public documents can enhance the judicial transparency, forced judges to strengthen capacity building, to eliminate secret operations, urge the majority of judges strictly regulate the judicial behavior, promote justice, honesty, preventing judicial corruption. However, Zhou Qiang also pointed out that the current public documents exist some problems, some courts have selective access referee instruments, the Internet should be part of judgment due to various reasons did not open internet. Some judgment is too simple, the reasoning is not sufficient, and some also exposed the referee uniform scale. The judicial openness of the courts around the country is uneven, some courts, especially in the central and western regions of the basic level of weak information base, software and hardware facilities can not meet the requirements of the judicial open platform. Some court documents online相关的主题文章: