The Silk Road miracle, Meizhou found the rare stone building tourism Sohu

15 Nov

The Silk Road miracle, Meizhou found the rare stone floor — Sohu Hakka Tourism is a wise people, people have Yingjie Liufang, on behalf of the top in the political, military, science and technology, literature, art, education and other industries, at the same time, they also put their wisdom in the generation of residence the house, making the Hakka architectural styles, full of personality in different poses and with different expressions. Especially Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangxi provinces at the junction of a cluster architecture is particularly rich, the most typical circular Tulou, round dragon house, wufenglou, palace style, such as Chinese and western wall, but no matter how they shape, have some common characteristics: robustness, security, closed. And live together, in these common, may wish to start to talk about: Yufan solidity, many Hakka Round and square earth buildings generally have two hundred or three hundred or five hundred or six hundred years of history. They after rain and wind, earthquake, typhoon, still safe and sound, stand tall in the lofty mountains and high ranges. Such a strong residential, with the careful selection of house sites, scientific design, materials and construction methods are inseparable. According to the Hakka friends, round dragon house walls and wall mainly with mud or concrete (mud, sand, lime binder, glutinous rice paste, sugar etc.) hangzhu, hangzhu, to go to the middle wall embedded in Chinese fir branches or bamboo as the "wall of bone", in order to increase the tension. So, after repeated hangzhu, they put up with such as steel concrete like wall, plus outside with a layer of anti rain erosion of lime, and strong anomalies, good windproof, waterproof, shockproof, fireproof ability even. Thin thick wall, the thickness of some actually up to 1.5 meters. Some additional brick or brick (commonly known as "gold and silver"), there are a few eggs or under the wall with stone building, on the wall with mud or concrete ramming. The soil, sand, lime and wood are local materials, in front of the half moon pond is often a byproduct after excavation, for two. Hakka folk houses do not see the whole wooden structure, which is different from Taiwan, Miao, Yao, Li and other ethnic brothers wooden houses of the folk culture. Therefore, Hakka architecture is vernacular architecture, and natural environment into this body, and credit to environment building. Safety is the history of Hakka Han, they moved to South Fujian Guangdong Jiangxi border area in mountainous areas, to prevent looting and banditry and indigenous beast attacks, they built earthen, all round, tight guard, very safe. For example, like the ancient castle like round dragon house, circular Tulou, one or two open outside of the window, or open only slender stone windows loophole like the large windows on the third floor of the four floor, and each room has outward, is conducive to the lighting, air circulation, and a gun and shooting enemy observation hole. The door of the earthen door frame, the threshold is about 10 cm thick stone door. Some doors on the inclined dug several embedded bamboo door guard hole, if the bandits attack the door, can be down shooting and poured boiling water. Some round dragon house door installed fire water tank, water tank, if the invaders set fire to the door, as long as a switch, the water along the door down to the fire protection door. The earth already strong anomalies, but just in case, some also rammed the earthen wall. In case the external wall is fire;相关的主题文章: