The school canteen irregularities before the Mid Autumn Festival has good food festival-ekdv-273

17 Apr

The school canteen irregularities before the Mid Autumn Festival has been well after the meal the school canteen was exposed, frozen food after heating to sell to the students. (student parents photo) recently, some friends broke the news: Wenzhou, Yueqing, a high school cafeteria, some of the Mid Autumn Festival before the frozen dishes, heated to sell to students when Chinese food. Without the truth, micro-blog also attached a picture, the surface looks like food with frost, "this frozen food for students to eat, really safe? Eat no problem?" The users questioned. Yesterday, the evening news reporter to understand the matter, the school said that this happened by accident, has been actively to make rectification. The parents broke the news: Chinese School canteen, a few days ago to ice the Qianjiang Evening News reporter learned that, the school is located in Yueqing Yueqing lean middle school, Liushi Town, Wenzhou City, is a private key middle school, high school students, the school currently has more than 1200 students. Yesterday, a student’s parents on condition of anonymity, told reporters after the incident: in September 17th, the school early end of the Mid Autumn Festival, began to normal classes. More than 10 o’clock in the morning, the school canteen started to prepare lunch, see the canteen staff to come up with some rare food from the freezer, including fried chicken, green pepper carrot sausage fried green pepper, in addition to some pieces of vegetables. The staff should heat the food and sell it to the students in the cafeteria for lunch. A parent found, immediately stepped forward to stop, and took a photo. After the incident, the school responsible person rushed to the scene, the food into the trash can. On the second day, learned that more than 20 representatives of the parents to find the school again, asked to review the matter. At the same time, parents will be informed of the matter to the local authorities, and the photos of the incident on the network. School: staff illegal operation, the food is not sold to the students to eat, really frozen food? Yesterday, the evening news reporter contacted the school principal Chen Yucao. Chen said the principal, it happened because the school has just started, a wide range of issues, leading to poor management of the canteen, canteen staff illegal operation. Currently, the school is investigating the incident. Fortunately, can be found in a timely manner, and on the spot to deal with frozen food, not sold to students." President Chen said that at present, the school has replaced the head of the cafeteria, and set up a special investigation team to investigate the matter, to prevent such incidents from happening again. Yesterday, Mr. Chen told the evening news reporter, the school has always attached great importance to food safety problem of the students, "the school is also the first time it happened." As of press time reporter, the school is actively communicate with parents on behalf of consultation. The relevant departments of the school canteen regularly seized, supervise the rectification yesterday, the evening news reporter contacted on the matter Yueqing Municipal Education Bureau and the food and drug administration. Relevant staff said that after learning things, they have been rushed to the school for the first time, and the investigation of the matter. Yueqing City Board of Education said that after the incident, the school made a timely manner to deal with these frozen foods, not sold to the students, and did not cause substantial impact on students. In addition, Yueqing food and drug supervision.相关的主题文章: