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17 Apr

The reporter visited a   Festival age; children visit rate of less than 10% — Anhui —   channel; according to the Anhui daily news, yesterday was Sunday, and once a year the festival, many people will rush home with their parents, send holiday gifts for the elderly. But in the city, there are a number of elderly people living in nursing homes for a long time, they are almost forgotten groups. Reporter survey found that this day, less than 10% to the nursing home to visit the elderly, most of the elderly are not children home, children did not receive phone calls, and even some elderly and children a year can not see. [scene] son nursing homes for 100 years old birthday yesterday at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, located near the West family endowment institutions, many old people gathered in the hall, because Party is going to start a birthday. Before this, some old people are chatting, some sitting in a wheelchair to watch tv. In order to celebrate the festival, some homes for the elderly is love arts dance rehearsal, music teacher for live accompaniment. The 103 year old grandmother is old Wei homes for the oldest, having 5 children, now, the old man is clear, healthy. When the birthday candles lit, the old people gathered together to share the joy. "Today, I am very happy, my eldest son also came to the scene, thank everyone." The old man decided to get up from the wheelchair, which was a very happy day for her. Seventy elderly three years did not see her daughter a nursing home on the first floor of the hall is filled with joy and laughter, standing on the two floor – Ge grandpa is not a trace of a smile. Because suffer from sequelae of cerebral infarction, in addition to his grandpa Ge eating outside, the rest need to complete nursing nurse. In early 2014, after Ge grandpa was daughter to the nursing home, no one come to visit him. For Ge Ge, who is 71 years old, he is almost forgotten. [view] filial piety elderly need more care and accompany the Sociology Department of Anhui University associate professor Wang Yunfei said: "caused a lot of people do not attach importance to the objective reasons of the Double Ninth Festival, the first is the social propaganda is not enough, then, with the fast pace of city life and work pressure." Wang Yunfei analysis said that if you can not always accompany the elderly because of work, then you can call, video and other greetings, so that the elderly feel the concern of their children. At the same time, young people should learn to care for the elderly. Wang Yunfei suggested that each person’s family situation, so the expression and celebration is not the same, but in any case, provide adequate living apart for the elderly, companionship and communication is also very important. Reporter micro survey Chung Yeung Festival in Shushan District, a pension institutions interviewed 100 elderly parents – visit: 9 – Telephone greetings: 34 people – what did: 57 people (commissioning editor Wu Xilu and Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: