The number of guests, frozen Taiwan tourism industry authorities to promote this parade – Beijing

10 Apr

The number of guests, "frozen" Taiwan tourism industry authorities to promote this parade – Beijing predicament in new network on 12 September, according to Taiwan "China times", "United Daily News" reported that the number of mainland tourists travel to the "frozen", a serious impact on Taiwan’s tourism industry, including hotels, travel agencies, tour guides, etc. 11 related industries composed of millions of self-help tourism industry ", this will call 300 tour buses, 20 thousand March, the Taiwan authorities hope to face the industrial situation, this is the Taiwan tourism industry in the history of the industry for the first time on the streets. According to statistics, in July the group of mainland tourists compared with the same period last year decreased by 15%, in August this year by 55%, mainland tourists to Taiwan tourism foreign exchange income, estimated less than last year 36 billion yuan (NT, the same below). The impact of South Central Taiwan tourist attractions around the hotel reservation rate fell 50%, more than 3 thousand tour buses "sun", only 1 Chinese tour guides into practice. Self will point out that the parade will start at 2 pm, according to the industry category is divided into 5 groups, the first group for the travel industry, high quality association; the second brigade for tour industry; the Third Battalion including sleeping, beef noodles, restaurants, tourist night market shopping district, recreation area, tourist car and yacht industry; the fourth battalion is composed of tourism products the fifth battalion is composed of industry, help Chiayi, nearly 20 thousand people will respond. 20 thousand people to implement the rescue response procession will be wearing a white shirt, from the Huashan cultural and creative park, along the East, Lin Sennan and Zhongxiao Renai Road, arrived at Kay Road (near the leaders of the Taiwan Region Office) gathered, sing the theme song and the "big story", "thousand hand Guanyin" and "mosquito world" 3 an action drama. Li Qiyue, spokesman for the rescue, said the executive branch of the rescue program industry identity, but there should be a new approach and implementation, stressed that the parade is not a protest, but flexible convey survival aspirations. The Taiwan authorities in the tourism industry to provide 30 billion yuan announced on the eve of the Lido, as industrial upgrading. But the industry pointed out that the Taiwan authorities has not put forward specific proposals, also not released for the content of 30 billion yuan; the Taiwan authorities hope to be able to understand, the most hope industry is to do business, to have the source, or "money or money", help little effect. To the market, the source is not the money "the tourism industry is sick, the streets in pain, and the government is a doctor must be an antidote against the disease." Self Yixiu spokesman Tian said, Taiwan tourism industry is shrinking, affecting millions of families, but the industry is most in need of the market, the source, the administrative department of positive goodwill, but to tell the Taiwan authorities of tourism industry is not for money". "There is no political slobber, only full of grievances." He said, involving social perception, resource allocation, we should put forward specific guidelines, and aiming at the difficulties of counseling, communication, and discuss the useful policy. Taiwan administrative departments before held off land and reduce impact due to the meeting, put forward four strategies and strengthen the three aspects of practice, but until the parade on the eve of the administrative department and the tourism industry to continue to communicate, only low to parade. However, due to the impact is not only the tourism related industries, including some counties in Taiwan, therefore, the administrative departments recently to discuss.相关的主题文章: