The new family selection drive Familia 7 edition 1.5T automatic (video) darren hayes

19 Nov

The new family selection drive Familia 7 edition 1.5T automatic with the two child policy landing and car consumers become more rational, more and more consumers of large space and flexible MPV models more preference. The hippocampus has been in the MPV field has a rich experience in research and development, from the primal (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) to V70 to incorporate Familia (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) version of the family seat seven fumei. Although the expression of V70 and seven woodprint Fumei just the name change, shape and interior did not change, but today a version of the 1.5T+6MT drive of the seven family is no combination of power appeared before, let us go. The United States and the United States to come to the 7 version of the car has come to the continuation of the past 20 years can be brilliant? The Familia has been officially upgraded to become a brand name of the car, in addition to the Familia sedan, also launched a seven Fumei version of the model, and the seven version of the model is in V70 changed its name, is our today’s hero. Straight waterfall grille styling front with full of big size, make it look very stable, full of temperament home. Headlights group using the popular design style to open his eyes, the natural connection with grid. Strong light eyebrow, headlights using lens is bright, the internal use of halogen light source. At the bottom surrounded the use of U shaped chrome trim, with both sides round fog lights, LED daytime running lights only high automatic models will be equipped with. Double waist design body side pick presents dynamic posture, the back door car type pull open, in favor of household, which is also the mainstream household choice MPV. Chrome door handle looks more texture, functional configuration is relatively simple, keyless entry and a key to start the manual does not appear in the configuration of the single model. The five wheels are simple and stylish, the tire size is 20560 R16, the brand is HANKOOK. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable. The founder of the car is the standard style of MPV, rich horizontal lines very good stretch the visual width, but also show a sense of strength. Simple tail lines, collocation LED brake light, which can get good prompts on the back of the car, but also cleverly integrated into the overall shape. Segmented taillights very eye-catching, brake lights show C shape, very brilliant. Car rear bumper provides four point type reversing radar, the rear tube adopts hidden design. Interior with black + brown with a double color, the overall sense of hierarchy stronger. Console modeling using the T surround design concept, the division of functional areas is also very clear. In the interior material also needs to be upgraded, the use of rigid materials used in the console. But there is no pungent odor inside the car, this performance is good. Four steering wheel with the plastic material, the middle is equipped with silver trim embellishment, the visual effect is good. Double round instrument panel design simple fashion, the internal blue and red pointer at the end of the bright color, is conducive to the driver clearly read.相关的主题文章: