The Need For Asset Protection-huangshexiaoshuo

25 Jul

Business Sadly the first question usually asked when a lawsuit is being considered is the extent of the other parties wealth. And in Canada as long been the practice in the States, attorneys are now allowed to be take cases on speculation and an agreed percentage of the awards if they win. Asset protection strategies are definitely something every one needs to put in place. Problem #1- Frivolous Litigation: This is the primary reason people need asset protection information, this practice has been alleged to be the main cause judgment settlements are much higher and lawsuits more frequent in the US than in any other country. It is also the reason a lot of frivolous lawsuits are started knowing full well the other party would prefer to settle out of court rather than go through a disruptive and lengthy legal proceedings. To counter this one needs to do asset protection planning and implement asset protection strategies. Problem #2- Probate: Another reason for asset protection information is that it is difficult to transfer assets to your heirs without excessive loss due to probate and taxation. Not only is probate a long process it encourages family infighting – it can severely erode your families assets. When Elvis Presley died all that was left of his 10 million dollar estate was 2 million dollars. Definitely a case where no steps was taken to implement asset protection strategies The Solution Asset Protection and Wealth Management: Why leave yourself, your family and or your business at such a risk as to put no asset protection strategies in place. Consider the option of wealth management and its many advantages not only in regard to asset protection but also in regard to freedom of movement, privacy and wealth accumulation without excessive taxation. If you have a family business and wealth that you have built through your lifetime, you can easily avoid wealth lost through due to lack of proper estate strategies. You can ensure bulletproof asset protection. Your best asset protection is to implement asset protection planning by putting various asset protection strategies in place by getting good estate planning advice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: