The national gene bank entered the countdown 12 bottom rising tokyo hot n0476

19 Nov

The national gene bank entered the countdown 12 bottom rising [editor’s note] China securities network channel was informed that the national library will be fully activated Chinese gene, gene industry is facing a comprehensive breakthrough opportunity related stocks worthy of close attention to the market. The national library will be opened China gene gene industry Wang Ying breakthrough took 5 years, the first national library by the national development and Reform Commission and other 4 ministries approved BGI, construction operation has entered the final phase, will be officially opened on September 22nd. According to the twenty-first Century economic report reported on September 9th, which is China’s first, the world’s fourth national gene bank. It is understood that the national gene bank has established a number of foreign countries with the National Museum of natural history, Norway Doomsday Seed Bank and other institutions, after the opening will also officially open data sharing platform. Director of the national gene bank, chairman and President of Mei Yonghong, chairman and President of the agricultural group, as a national platform, the public platform gene pool attributes, functions are very clear, that is to provide public goods and public services. In the future, the gene pool will be derived from a number of industry categories, we hope that through this platform more people, more models come out, which is to enhance the ability of the country in the field of life science and technology is very valuable. National gene bank construction in two phases, is about to open the first phase of the project invested 780 million yuan, construction area of 47 thousand and 500 square meters, the current total amount of genetic information 60PB, biological sample storage capacity of 10 million copies. From the architectural point of view, the national gene bank will build "three base two platform", three library by bioinformatics database, resource database and the in vivo biological sample library composed of two platform for the digital platform and the synthesis and gene editing platform. It is noteworthy that the living library is the first to provide resources for biodiversity research and protection of the platform, including important species protection and breeding techniques, from aquatic animals and plants and microorganisms to expand, and the establishment of the medical health base. Data, the national gene bank mainly produces human disease and species diversity related data. The data of human diseases are mainly obtained through cooperation with hospitals in clinical research and voluntary participation in scientific research programs, the national gene bank will be released through the public number and other ways to volunteer research projects. Mei Yonghong introduction, the national gene bank has a Council, led by the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, Ministry of industry, Health Planning Commission four ministries, the Shenzhen municipal government to participate. How to build this platform, operations, in accordance with what kind of mechanism to achieve resource sharing, the establishment of standards by the council. In the first phase of 780 million of the project investment, the investment of the big gene supporting a total of 360 million. Mei Yonghong bluntly, the task of the construction of the national gene bank operating on the big gene body, because of the ability to interpret the genetic code of the large gene in the world’s leading, can effectively use of genetic resources. In addition, Huada gene is also one of the largest body of gene data in the world, is an important source of national gene pool resources. As for the boundaries of public and commercial, Xu said: National gene pool is completely independent, although by the construction and management of the Chinese team, but with our business section is a physical isolation. The gene pool will provide policies and rules for the unification of foreign public services相关的主题文章: