The National Association of industry and Commerce announced this year’s top 500 private enterprises 3u8895

19 Nov

The National Association of industry and Commerce announced this year’s top 500 private enterprises: HUAWEI Lenovo boss 2016 China out coming into the top 50 private enterprises list in August 25th, the National Federation of "2016 China private enterprise 500 conference announced the" 2016 China top 500 private enterprises in the list ". In this list, HUAWEI Klc Holdings Ltd out last year the "boss" of Lenovo holdings, with a total revenue of 359 billion 9 million yuan ranked first; Suning holdings, Shandong Weiqiao group respectively to the total revenue of 350 billion 288 million yuan, 333 billion 238 million yuan in two or three place in the ranking; extended, star enterprise, Lenovo ranked fourth, Dalian ranked Wanda sixth, Vanke Jingdong ranked tenth, ranked eleventh, Geely holdings ranked twelfth, Midea Group ranked fourteenth, Evergrande ranked fifteenth, Suning universal Biguiyuan ranked seventeenth, ranked eighteenth, TCL ranked twenty-first. Surging news reporter will find this list with the comparison list in 2015, Lenovo ranked the first large decline from last year dropped to fourth, while the Jingdong and Geely Holding in this year in the top twenty. It is reported that the top 500 finalists for the private sector revenue of $10 billion 175 million, for the first time exceeded 10 billion. An increase of 666 million yuan over last year’s $9 billion 509 million. Distribution from the industry point of view, in the top 20, the real estate industry is still maintained a leading position last year, a total of Wanda, Vanke, Hengda, Suning global, Biguiyuan 5 housing prices finalists. National Federation of industry and Commerce in the report analysis, the total increase of 500 private enterprises operating income, total assets increased significantly. In 2015, private enterprises 500 total operating income reached 16 trillion and 156 billion 857 million yuan, 32 billion 314 million yuan per household, an increase of 10.06%; the total assets of 17 trillion and 300 billion 487 million yuan per household 34 billion 601 million yuan, an increase of 25.16%, of which Dalian Wanda Group to 903 billion 357 million yuan, ranked the top 500 private enterprises in total asset value list. In 2015, the top 500 private enterprises characterized by further optimization of industrial structure, industry differentiation highlights: the third industry, the number of finalists top 500 private enterprise growth for five consecutive years, from 130 last year increased to 137; the second industry listed enterprises decreased from 364 last year, reduced to 357; third industry total assets ratio rose to 51.69%, the first time over the second industry. In the top 500 enterprises, the manufacturing sector is still the main, the number of finalists reached 291, accounting for more than 58.20%. At the same time, the top 500 private enterprises in 2015, the top ten industries, showing a trend from traditional industries to new industries. Note that some old problems affect the development of enterprises to a certain extent, there are 333 top 500 enterprises affected by rising labor costs, accounting for 66.6%; 287 companies affected by the tax burden, accounting for 57.4%; 255 enterprises affected by the financing, accounting for 51%. Faced with downward pressure on the economy, private enterprises 500 strong efforts to upgrade, in 2015 a total of 37!相关的主题文章: