The name of the name of the name of the woman to lend more than 9 Suites involving ten million yuan

15 Nov

The woman to lend identity leadership under the name of more than 9 Suites involving tens of millions of dollars to the original title: to lend identity of colleagues, her name more than 9 Suites 80 Chongqing beauty Li Ping (a pseudonym) is an ordinary clerk in the office engaged in secretarial work, and never had the dispute. However, a court summons not long ago broke the peace. Because of being involved in involving thousands of amount and 9 sets of real estate disputes, she instantly felt like the fire that was baked. Now, more harm her and her husband divorced, his family has bukekaijiao, life was completely disrupted. And the root cause of all this trouble, it is necessary to return to a year and a half ago, she gave the identity card to a company leader. Trial: the whole family are worried about the judge, I really did not go to buy these houses, hundreds of thousands of liquidated damages, how can I afford ah? Home for me this thing bukekaijiao, now the marriage also left, how can I do ah……" Not long ago, in the dock of Banan district court, Li Ping is very excited, to speak of them say these are worried about. In the gallery, her parents and family looked anxious, afraid to listen to a word, a word, but also afraid to hear any adverse news about Li Ping. For the family, this sudden lawsuit so that they feel at a loss and overwhelmed, the original calm life has been disrupted. Li Ping said to divorce her husband did two people received the court summons, they divorced. In addition, we are most worried about is the court ruling: if she had any mistakes, in accordance with the plaintiff’s claims, the need to bear about 300000 yuan of liquidated damages. If this is the case, the whole family is a heavy blow. Narrator: Notice is a liar that "when the court received a notice, I thought he had misheard or encountered a liar." Li Ping said, the first feeling is so incredible. In May 23rd this year, Banan District, a real estate development enterprise Li Ping will be prosecuted to the Banan district court, alleged that the parties entered into a contract for the sale of real estate, Li Ping agreed to buy the development of 9 sets of commercial housing, the price of 100 yuan per suite. Li Ping has not paid 1629, but the contract has to handle network signed, companies are unable to sell to others again, then petitioned Li Ping to terminate the contract and procedures, while the return of real estate, net about 300000 yuan to pay liquidated damages. After many times, the judge called Li Ping to confirm the fact that after the lawsuit, she gradually realized the seriousness of the matter. However, inexplicable stalls 9 sets of real estate, involving tens of millions of dollars in the lawsuit, she was flustered. In the meantime, she constantly told the court: he did not know that, with this completely Never mind, does not appear in court. In addition, she and her husband divorced, the property has been split. Details: identity cards had been borrowed in the leadership to verify the authenticity and summons the thing after the sequence of events, Li Pingcai see light suddenly. Around February last year, Li Ping was called to the office of the company leader and his identity card to borrow 1 hours after the return. At that time, only the new company she didn’t not take it seriously, ask what is going on. At the beginning of this year, she had received a telephone harassment, said let her go through what procedures to the Housing Authority, said the indistinct.相关的主题文章: