The man jumped out of the ice rescued children wear wet clothes in the taxi was refusing the Sohu ne-gamelink

16 Apr

The man jumped out of the ice rescued children wear wet clothes in the taxi was refusing the Sohu news in a 11 year old boy and several classmates playing in the river, Cao Shenglu accidentally fell into the water, not pulled out a pocket of mobile phone and money over a meter high fence and jumped into the river to save the cold cases. Cao Shenglu to save the boy ashore, but the river is too slippery, how two people can not get ashore. In two people are almost unable to hold up, heard the cries for help, the two passers-by will pull the shore of the two. To save Cao Shenglu from the jaws of death come ashore, but encountered a chilling scene, soaking wet, he is going to go home to change clothes, even stopped three taxis were refusing, finally Cao Shenglu police will be sent home. The child was rescued drowning parents kneel Xie benefactor November 28th, Jining, rescued 11 year old boy Zheng Xuekun’s parents went to contact in order to save Cao Shenglu, to express gratitude, they about Cao Shenglu in the child fell into the house by the river met?. See the child’s savior, the couple kneel to thank mother Duan Xiuying said, she received at home on the afternoon of 23 school teacher’s phone, learned that his son fell into the body wet. She hurried to school with her son’s clothes. At that time, I do not know what the situation, the child did not say, but also thought that his son just fell into the river next to the school." Duan Xiuying said that a few days, children may be frightened, in the blues, unwilling to speak, she also took his son to the doctor. Later his son good point, took her to the house by the river, drowning? She felt scared, "did not think of is so deep into the river, see body numb bursts." After seeing Cao Shenglu, Duan Xiuying couple speechless, they took Cao Shenglu’s hand and face crying. "If you deliver, our only child might not." The couple said to dongqingchu, "splash" on the ground. "The child is all right……" Cao Shenglu hurried to two people pulled up, the couple came to comfort. The scene was under the Cao Shenglu River to save people using a mobile phone to shoot down and save the video in the circle of friends to spread on the Internet, some Xiuying also saw the video. "It’s too dangerous. Two people are at risk……" Duan Xiuying said she was determined to find a good man to save the child, thanked him in person. Too late to jump into the glacier to save the 31 year old Cao Shenglu talking about saving after. 23 days, Jining winter first snow for second days, at about 12:30, Cao Shenglu after dinner as usual along the river walk along the river?. There was a rubber dam in the river, and on both sides of the river, he saw someone on the rubber dam. The five or six boys climb along the fence, next to the river, to the rubber dam to play. Eleven the two year old boys jumped and jumped on the rubber dam. Rubber dam is very narrow, only about 2 meters wide, "looked very dangerous, the children are easy to slide into the river." Cao Shenglu, who was about to call them up, suddenly saw a boy slip into the river. When the boy fell into the water, the other boys were frightened to the bank. The boy kept pounding in the water, Cao Shenglu could not take off clothes, his mobile phone and cash is too late to say相关的主题文章: