The leftover cakes where the warranty period on sale or return pastry hamimelon

17 Nov

Leftover moon cake go? The warranty period on sale or return pastry according to Xinhua news agency, the Mid Autumn Festival in the past, major shopping malls and supermarkets shelves for a long time the moon cake overnight shelf. Many people wonder, did not sell the moon cake manufacturers will sell the rest of the moon cake to do? Go? To "buy one" sales reporter saw in the one or two months before the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake has been added. After the Mid Autumn Festival and mid autumn festival day, major shopping malls, supermarkets and pastry shop moon cake almost extinct. 16, a large supermarket in Xiangshan Jiangxi South Road, Nanchang City, the reporter saw even the day to set the moon cake monopoly area has been removed. Supermarket sales staff said that on the moon cake not sold out in two cases, Jiangxi local brands of moon cake, 15 evening has been cleared two of foreign manufacturers recovery; brand of moon cake, together discount sales. In the supermarket snack area, foreign brands of bulk moon cake to buy one to send a way to sell, popular with the public, several people are being selected. "The price is equivalent to half of the cheap, I like to eat moon cakes, buy back can be eaten as soon as possible." Nanchang people Wang said. Supermarket staff told reporters that the Mid Autumn Festival will be based on the situation in previous years to determine the specific number of ordered moon cake. In general, most of the moon cake can be sold, if the moon cake is not sold, the supermarket will be based on the agreement with the moon cake manufacturers have previously agreed to return to the moon cake manufacturers. Reporter visited a number of pastry shop. In Jiangxi a local pastry brand stores, also 15, counter filled with boxed cakes left in two boxes, there are pockets of bulk moon cake sales. The staff said that before the Mid Autumn Festival moon cake sales started very early, manufacturers decide whether reproduction based on market sales, so the rest of the moon cake festival will be very few. Not over the shelf life of recycled pastry some people worry that, did not sell mooncakes by businesses recycling, "Chen made cakes" Chen moon cake "for sale. According to industry sources, most manufacturers will choose in the warranty period or discounted sales to workers when the welfare, some manufacturers will be sold to retail store, also is the people who saw in the street shop selling bulk moon cake. In addition, some manufacturers will not have the shelf life of moon cake melted pastry, reduce the loss to a certain extent. A new town district of Nanchang city supermarket responsible person said, they will crumble cake, on the pounds sold around the farmers for their pigs, fish. Experts believe that the moon as seasonal products, the Mid Autumn Festival "sales Rainbow Night" is normal, inventory is inevitable. But be wary of bad business expired food raw materials used for other cakes or low flows to rural areas, to deal with the remaining moon cake need to establish effective mechanism for handling, the relevant departments shall supervise and protect people ‘safety on the tongue".相关的主题文章: