The International Museum of France is likely to open Pompidou in Shanghai mp7a1

19 Nov

The French international is likely to open as a museum of the Pompidou Pompidou Art Center in Spain Pavilion in Malaga Zhu Xiaoyun international in Shanghai, for the majority of public cultural institutions belonging to the French Ministry of culture, has become a part of its development strategy and daily activities can not be ignored, the 23 strategic documents of public cultural institutions or activities in the report, the case of international communication the proportion is increasing, especially in the aspect of Museum and heritage protection agency. Since the last century since 90s, with some Chinese made legal status of Museum change (for autonomous public cultural identity), some new ideas and practice gradually developed. These ideas and practices have been introduced into the international exchanges of large museums, and the starting point is to promote the reputation and influence of French museums in a profitable way. The exhibition is the most widely used tool for the introduction of a museum’s collection and features to the public. According to the statistics of the French Museum Management Department, from 2014 to 2016, the National Museum organized a total of 60 international exhibitions, including 21 Le Louvre Museum, the Orsay Museum 11, Kay · Brownlie Museum and the National Museum association 5, Monet Art Museum and art gallery 4 orchard. To increase the number of foreign exhibition will bring revenue growth through exports: Pompidou Modern Art Center Exhibition, 2007 revenue of 800 thousand euros to 3 million 300 thousand euros, 2014. The exhibition is different from the pure loan exhibits, from the content design to the exhibition design, are readily available. Mature exhibition requires the recipient to pay the high cost of development, completely bypassing the provisions of the International Council of museums in the development of professional regulations on the principle of free art works between public museums provisions. The exhibition of all income into the museum’s own funds, can be used to maintain the premises, repair, rich collection of collections. Export mature exhibition is not without controversy. The Picasso museum was closed for repairs within 5 years, in the meantime, the museum exhibition organized by the revenue in the whole world, can meet the maintenance costs of 35, but criticized the museum only profit Exhibition (each exhibition brought 1 million to 3 million 500 thousand euro dollars revenue). The Orsay Museum for profit over lent some famous collections, such as in the period from 2001 to 2015, Manet’s "fan woman" by 11, "Piper boy" borrowed 15 times, also caused intense controversy, accused of not only affects the work of health, but also is harmful to the French public contact related works the rights of. In addition, the focus of public criticism, but also in such international exhibitions often appear quality or master works only in order to improve the bargaining power. Opened branches in overseas modern art center: Pompidou Guggenheim foundation is the first through the establishment of a branch in a foreign country, the commercial output of its skills in art museums and cultural institutions management. If the Guggenheim mode directly grafted to the nature of the public to all the museums of France, its feasibility is still difficult to predict it)相关的主题文章: