The husky is in wolf hall bite Dezhou zoo in Shandong reinforced by scratch aapt.exe

15 Nov

The husky is in wolf hall bite? Shandong Dezhou Zoo: original title: reinforced scratch husky was put into the zoo wolf hall bite? Dezhou Zoo: isolation treatment if the wolf with the huskies put together, you can have to distinguish? Yesterday, users will be a small video uploaded to Sina micro-blog, said with his girlfriend to go to Dezhou zoo in the wolf saw a similar to Alaska and two ha of the string, limping, paws bitten, feel the little animal poor. According to Mr. Wang (a pseudonym) provided by the video display, in the Dezhou botanical garden of the wolf has a similar Alaska dog animal cage, the animal size than the wolf, the wolf too long, has been injured before the left leg, not to limp walking. Many netizens said super high attention to similar Alaska dog the animal safety, hope it can get good care and protection, not to be hurt, in addition, we are discussing the animal is a wolf or a dog? The wolf and the dog polyculture botanical garden? And questioned the management of animal and botanical garden. This morning, reporters also came to the Dezhou zoo wolf hall. The wolf Hall of a dozen wolf, for a long time, the reporter finally found the wolf into "husky stones in the corner". The wolves don’t allow another animal to seize their own turf, but this "husky" was not a little afraid of the face, but also from time to time with the wolf say hello, really is not the "negative two ha" reputation…… According to the zoo keeper said, this "husky" is a product of the wolf with husky mating. Is that a wolf or a dog? Keepers said the need for expert appraisal. However, we are most concerned about: "two" is how to sneak into the inside of the pack? Zoo staff said it was a place where they were brought in. However, the reporter found that the "husky" left front leg obviously hurt, the injury is how come? Dezhou zoo manager surnamed Xia said: because the injured dog in the indoor building activities of reinforced cage are prominent corner welding scratches, has eliminated hidden premises, veterinary is also given in the first time of active treatment, the dog is in the stage of rehabilitation. Xia said that now the zoo has been separated from the dog and wolf feeding. At 5 this afternoon, the Dezhou zoo gave an explanation and reply to the matter.相关的主题文章: