The Hurun Report revealed that the economic transformation of China password-t6670

10 Apr

The Hurun Report revealed Chinese economic transformation "password" 2016 Hurun released yesterday (October 13th). The annual release of the list, although there are some questions about the accuracy, but it can be seen from the path of China’s economic growth path". This year’s list, a highlight of the 68 "80" young entrepreneurs on the list, they are basically engaged in IT industry. This situation clearly shows that China’s economic transformation in recent years to promote the growth of Chinese entrepreneurs to bring significant changes. From the beginning of 1999 Hurun released. At the same time, along with the reform of housing distribution system, China real estate market has just formed, the real estate development upsurge in the country, therefore, the first appearance in the rich list are real estate developers, especially the rich list top ten consecutive years, almost all real estate developers occupy. In emerging markets have just formed, the market opportunities are often more abundant, so developers have become rich and reasonable. But it also exposed the problems of China’s economic structure. After the Asian financial crisis, China is in urgent need of fiscal policy and monetary policy "double expansion" to ensure the maintenance of economic growth. The emergence of the real estate market, coincides with the time to meet this demand, and quickly become the leading GDP growth. To the real estate market as the leading economic growth model of the impact of China’s economy, today has been clearly presented in front of. On the one hand, housing prices appear to drive GDP growth, driven by the expansion of the investment to employment have a good state, a large number of ordinary people not only to improve the living conditions, but also through the real estate investment to achieve wealth growth; on the other hand, abnormal development of the real estate market is in place, housing as an investment and speculative tool. A large number of low income groups in the face of soaring prices of housing difficulties. This situation can be seen at the time of the Hurun list, the real estate market to produce absorbing effect to private wealth, resulting in more serious gap between rich and poor. For this reason, in recent years, the central government actively promote economic restructuring, and hope that China’s economic growth mode from the excessive reliance on the real estate market to break out, the establishment of new economic growth model. This reform continued for several years, but the difficulty is not small, especially due to the decrease of economic growth, the local government is very easy to return to the original path, this year some of the big city of skyrocketing housing prices have shown this possibility. But from the rich list, the reform of the economic transformation has received certain effect. IT industry occupies an important position in the rich list, especially the emergence of a large number of young people start empty-handed and into the rich list, that the government stressed that in recent years the "Internet plus" in the economic growth path, play the desired effect. Now enter the rich list of the young rich natural just a few people, but in the "Pyramid" tip, the Internet does poineering work force go forward with great strength and vigour, the wealth they create more or less, although the absolute number of personal wealth, and the real estate industry is not rich, but will be more entrepreneurial wealth distributed to more entrepreneurs, is conducive to economic sustainable growth. The Hurun Report is just a.相关的主题文章: