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15 Apr

The hottest jobs nearly 10000 competition country examination why Rainbow Night? – Beijing in October 24th 18, the 2017 national civil servant exam like a raging fire. According to public education statistics, as of 24 at 17:30, 2017 national examination registration audit by the 1338698 people, catching the national test — the most brilliant moment in the history of the 2014 national exams 1 million 360 thousand. However, there are still 223 positions without trial. 2017 the central authorities to recruit civil servants, a total of more than and 120 departments reporting the 27061 recruitment plan. Among them, the central level 1537, accounting for 5.7%; provincial level, accounting for 3.4%; ground (city) level of the 3344, accounting for 12.3%; county (District) level and the following 21268, accounting for 78.6%. Among them, a total of more than 3 thousand plans for targeted recruiting service expires, assessment of qualified college-graduate village official grassroots project personnel and other services. This year, the national civil service examination registration, the hottest position is "the NLD central office reception director and following a post. At present, the competitive ratio is 9837: 1, more than the highest value in history, becoming the highest national test. On the last day of enrollment, the number of candidates for this position is still rising, the number of enrollment increased by more than 1000 people a day. Chinese youth youth online? The reporter noted, the central office reception director and the following application education for undergraduate course, without professional limitation, is probably caused by the post registration "only cause blowout". Peng Zhongbao, deputy director of the National Bureau of civil service examinations Department said that in previous years a job more enrollment, often because of the relevant conditions set up a relatively broad, such as education for bachelor degree or above, professional and work experience is not required. According to statistics, the 2017 countries registered at the end of October 24th, the average competitive ratio of 49: 1. From the various levels of view, the central level of post competition ratio of 60: 1, far beyond the average competitive ratio, county (District) level and below the current competition is the lowest, has not reached the average competitive ratio. Related expert analysis, the cause of this phenomenon is not only because the county level is relatively low, partly because many of the requirements below the county level in the minimum service life of 5 years (including probation), often home to the countryside to, greater intensity, more difficult conditions, more suitable for male candidates. These relatively hard work requirements may prevent a large number of candidates. Although the national civil service bureau published on the official website of the notice, the less the number of candidates for the post to remind, and hope that the majority of candidates combined with job characteristics and their own conditions, apply for the rational choice, but this effect does not seem obvious guide. Get all the other side at the same time in the popular position, there are still 223 jobs such as statistics, No one shows any interest in, the local meteorological, inspection and quarantine, taxation and other departments. For this and the uneven distribution of the situation, Peng Zhongbao said, according to historical experience, there are usually 3 types of job applicants is relatively small: one is of academic degree, professional and related work experience required Jie相关的主题文章: