The holy city, the new king ascended the throne of the Spurs battle eyebrows brother beware of win l coinwatch

20 Nov

The holy city, the new king ascended the throne of spurs and " eyebrows brother " beware of win lose plate Leonard became the new king of Beijing time on October 30th, the Spurs will face "eyebrows brother led the pelican in the home court, the Spurs have two consecutive victories gradually show with a domineering, whether it is the first game of the second game in the rout of a warrior or the king’s home court comeback, seem to forget the wearing No. 21" rookie". This is the first game against the pelican home court this season, get first win under the home court will be the only target of Popovich. The first victory over the warriors, Leonard said that many people thorn honey tears, "I know that Tim is gone, but I’m here, will be good." After the second, 30 points and 5 assists and 5 steals the show led the Spurs to accomplish comeback, we do believe that without Duncan, Leonard will become the new leader of the team. Before the start of the two to get 65 points and 10 steals, the data also makes him since 1979 after the League first person, and the deadpan killer will create a number of records, we have no way of knowing, only quietly look forward to. Look at the plate confrontation nearly ten games against two teams, the Spurs win 6 of the games, slightly dominant, 10 field 9 field to let the ball party both visible heritage or strength is higher than that of the pelican a grade, regular season is to let up to 20.5 points. But to see the number of wins when I gasped, ten games won only 3 disc field, one reason may be that the pelican toughness is relatively strong, will not let the Spurs wave flow at the end of the game; the other is the Spurs coach Popovich, the best player in the team to ensure the rest, will take off the main players as a result, the opponent will have the chance to chase points, even a win. Cannon has been given the field and the other number forecast, click view.相关的主题文章: