The government of Daxing District on behalf of the mayor of Beijing v. court – Sohu

16 Apr

The government of Daxing District on behalf of the mayor of Beijing v. court – Sohu news yesterday, four villagers sued Daxing District people’s court hearing the case of the government information disclosure requirements, on behalf of the mayor Cui Zhicheng (left) appear in court Beijing News (reporter Huang Ying Wang Wei) against the government of Daxing District on his proposed housing demolition compensation, the actual payment of the use of subsidies the reply, Daxing District villager Liu took the government to court, asking the government for public information. Yesterday morning, the fourth court in the trial of the case. The people’s Government of Daxing District on behalf of the mayor of the defendant Cui Zhicheng as the executive head of the respondent, the main person in charge of Daxing District nearly 70 units to attend the case hearing. Cui Zhicheng said that the court is to promote open government, let the main person in charge of nearly 70 units of the audit, but also to give them a reminder, we should vigorously promote the information and public affairs, always let the power in the sun. The case for information disclosure to the villagers sued the government of Daxing District villagers Liu Mousu said, in April 22, 2016, the EMS approach to the defendant Daxing District government for public biological medicine base Zhuang East Village project supporting the district housing demolition compensation and subsidy costs on actual usage". The government of Daxing District in May 10, 2016 to open Beijing Xing Zheng (2016) No. thirtieth – a "government information" to "answer book, biological medicine base east supporting area demolition project of Beijing Chong Hing Investment Limited has been the demolition work management departments of Daxing District government transfer project closing and demolition demolition work of Archives, management department of Daxing District the government has not yet acquired the plaintiff to apply information as an excuse to inform the plaintiff Liu for information does not exist. Liu Mouze believes that the government reply does not comply with the government information disclosure regulations, violation of the legitimate rights and interests, on 9 September 2016 fourth in Beijing City Intermediate People’s Court of administrative proceedings, requesting revocation of the district government "government information reply to this book", and ordered the district government to open its application for public information. The courtroom and villagers on behalf of the district looks mutual proof cross examination yesterday, the court of the facts of the case, the statutory authority, the legal basis of the court investigation, the plaintiff and defendant of cross examination of evidence, the court debate, the court under the auspices of the presiding judge. The problem is that the government of Daxing District to the plaintiff’s "government information reply to the letter" is legitimate, should not be revoked. In this regard, the defendant Daxing District government has provided more than ten evidence, including the receipt of information disclosure, the day of the receipt of registration, notification and mailed to the plaintiff registered letter, the government information disclosure application etc.. Most of the plaintiffs do not recognize, "the authenticity of the evidence, legitimacy and the relevance of the case is not enough, not how the government would like to say how to say?" The defendant said that the plaintiff received information disclosure after the district government for the normal query, but due to the demolition has not been completed, the company did not file transfer information, so neither the formation of archives, nor the formation of relevant information. But.相关的主题文章: