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15 Apr

The girl was repeatedly raped mother forced negligent care parenting – Sohu news recently, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Xindu District of Sichuan city in Chengdu Province, Chongzhou City People’s Procuratorate received the "mandatory parenting book" the absence that parental education issued a clear warning, do not accept the compulsory parenting education total two that will start the mandatory procedures, recommended by the public security organ shall be punished. Ms. Zhang’s daughter, 13 Tsuen Wan (a pseudonym) was the 26 year old Liu friend to talk about the name of repeated sexual assault. Little Liu Fan was sentenced to 6 years in prison for rape for 2 months. Taking into account the Xiaoting mother Ms. Zhang Xiaoting on failure to care, Chongzhou people’s Procuratorate decided to Ms. Zhang into the mandatory parenting education compulsory education on the list. It is understood that since March of this year, Chengdu prosecutors in the country to open a new model of compulsory parental education to help minors, and 4 pilot hospitals. Case playback daughter was raped mother was forced to "parent-child classes" and "today we parent-child bridge — parenting courses lesson: understanding children." Miu Juan volunteers in Chongzhou procuratorate began, however, sitting in the following 6 has custody of the parents, their children or is suspected of a crime, either the victim. A Ms. Zhang is one of the victims Xiaoting mother. Contractor prosecutors, in March this year, the 13 year old Xiaoting with my aunt to the city of Chongzhou Yuantong town Tomb-sweeping Day will drive. Liu is a troupe of 26 year old employees, he saw Xiaoting alone, over two people with each other to talk, WeChat began to chat. A few days later, at the request of Liu, they had sex. "A few days later, Xiaoting’s uncle found Xiaoting disappeared before the police. "I an accident, her family environment is the biggest reason, parents divorced, the mother of lax management." Contractors prosecutors told reporters that the care and education of parents suffering from mental harm need Xiaoting, while her mother apparently did not do to the legal guardianship, Ms. Zhang was included in the mandatory parenting education list, become Chongzhou city procuratorate and Xindu District Procuratorate jointly carry out the compulsory parental education for the first phase of members. Parenting education psychologist lectures, lectures mother said harvest Chongzhou procuratorate inspection department assistant prosecutor Huang Lei said for the first time, Ms. Zhang called for her to attend parenting education, "Ms. Zhang is very simply answered no time, busy work can not please leave." Once again to explain the interests of her, Ms. Zhang promised to come over, but she was late for second days. Huang Lei introduced, parenting education is divided into 5 phases, each lasting about 2 hours, they also hired experts to teach psychology. 6 families to fill in the questionnaire are invariably mentioned the existence of communication problems with the child. To this end, the Chongzhou public prosecutor invited volunteers to explain the psychological characteristics of minors and how to communicate. Chongzhou procuratorate is scheduled for August 11th second parent education. But this time, Miss Cheung absent without reason. "We decided to send a warning to her book, and commissioned the Xindu District procuratorate warned." Huang Lei said, she did not expect to have such serious consequences, in the book of warning.相关的主题文章: