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05 Jun

The former Juventus star join TEDA was declared official half season 14 games 11 goals, the Hungarian League Sports Sohu ujpest team officially announced mubaye? Diyanie joined Tianjin TEDA Beijing time on February 5th, the Hungarian League ujpest team officially announced that the team before the Italian giants Juventus striker Senegal striker mubaye Diyanie joined in Tianjin TEDA team?. The deal has been reached, as long as mubaye? Diagne through TEDA examination, can complete the contract. Perth said in the new club’s website, the first half of the season has scored 11 goals for the striker Diagne will be wearing a purple shirt of the team, he will go to the super Tianjin TEDA to continue their occupation career. He has completed the signing at present, after the completion of routine physical examination can be officially joined Tianjin teda. The Senegal striker has 14 appearances for the club, scoring 11 goals and 2 assists. Diagne and the new Perth contract until June 30, 2019, but he is now worth about 800 thousand euros, due to the very young and has the potential to introduce Tianjin Taida He may need to pay more fee, but Juventus due to retain ownership of the player 50%, will receive a transfer fee of 50%. It is worth mentioning that the competition and Tianjin TEDA and the Portuguese giants sporting Lisbon, just a few days ago, the two sides just completed the swap move and Monteiro balkis. (South Kudo)

前尤文妖星加盟泰达获官宣 半赛季14场11球高效-搜狐体育 匈牙利联赛劲旅新佩斯队官方宣布姆巴耶?迪亚涅加盟天津泰达   北京时间2月5日,匈牙利联赛劲旅新佩斯队官方宣布,队内前意甲豪门尤文图斯前锋塞内加尔前锋姆巴耶?迪亚涅加盟中超天津泰达队。这笔交易已经达成,只要姆巴耶?迪亚涅通过泰达的体检,便可完成签约。   在新佩斯俱乐部的官网中表示,上半赛季已为球队攻入11球的射手迪亚涅将不会再身穿球队的紫色战袍,他将前往中超的天津泰达继续自己的职业生涯。目前他已经完成签约,完成例行体检之后即可正式加盟天津泰达。塞内加尔中锋已为球队出场14次,攻入过11球,并有2次助攻。   迪亚涅与新佩斯的合同要到2019年6月30日,而他目前的身价约为80万欧元,由于非常年轻并且具有潜力,天津泰达为引入他可能需要支付更多的转会费,而尤文图斯由于保留了该球员50%的所有权,将会获得该笔转会费的50%。值得一提的是,此次和天津泰达竞争的还有葡超豪门里斯本竞技,而就在前几天,双方刚刚完成巴尔克斯和蒙特罗的互换东家转会。(南工藤)相关的主题文章: