The Filthy Richs

14 Jun

Travel-and-Leisure "If you think that living it up means driving home from the Toronto airport in a limousine instead of the usual cab, then you must have no idea what the have mores have been indulging in recently. The list of things the worlds filthy rich can have been spending their hard-earned/ inherited money on are continuously expanding, and those of us less financially blessed can do nothing more than widen our eyes in shock, turn green with envy or shake our head in a mixture of disbelief and shock at their excesses. $55-Million Wedding If the only daughter of one of the world richest man gets married, most would expect the wedding to be an opulent affair. But Vanisha Mittals, daughter of steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, 2004 million dollar wedding surpassed everyones expectations and imaginations. Costing anywhere from $55 to $60 million, the wedding is considered to be the most expensive wedding in the world. Held at the Palace of Versailles, the celebration featured a concert from Kylie Minogue, 20-page-thick-silver encased invitations, professionally written and produced audio visual presentation and 120 dishes for the 150,000 guests (who were all by the way flown into Paris and housed in first-class ac.modations). $10-Million Car With only 6 of them produced, the Bugatti 41, more popularly known as the Royale, is one of the most rare cars in the world. And with prices ranging from $8 to (at the latest) 10 big millions, it is also the most expensive car in the world. A car that originally stemmed from a government deal that has gone sour, the car was 6.4 meters in length, featured 12.7-liter engines, 3 valves per cylinder and was approximately 5 feet tall at the hood. American multimillionaires Brigs Cunningham and Miles Collier are two of the famously few people who have owned the legendary car. $17,000- Martini Drink The Japanese, with their miracle economy and disposable in.e, have always been known for their love of anything exclusive and luxurious. And recently, the people from the land of the rising sun have found another outlet to which they could pour their yens into: $17,000 martini drinks. The fact that the concoction is found exclusively at Tokyos ultra-expensive Ritz Carlton hotel (their Presidential suite costs $20k a night) is not what gives the cocktail its price, its the diamond that sits on the bottom of the glass the martinis are served in. $200-Million Dollar Yacht When your hard work pays off and bears fruits, it just seems appropriate that you buy something to celebrate your success and reward yourself with all your efforts. What do you do then when you happen to be the co-founder of one of the most successful .panies in history? Buy yourself a HUGE gift. Paul Allen, Bill Gates partner in crime, owns a $200 million yacht outfitted with a gym, two helicopters, a submarine that holds 10 people and seven boats. There are also 60 full-time crewmembers that run the yacht and keep it afloat. Many of us who cannot afford anything more opulent than renting a limousine in Toronto try hard to think of the reasons behind the richs extravagant ways. Some say its to .pensate for something that is lacking in their life, others say its plain ostentation. A much simpler reason? Because they can. Visit this site for more information on Toronto airport taxi and limousine services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: