The drunken man robbed Audi road pileup said the perpetrators drink fragment didadi

17 Nov

The drunken man robbed Audi road pileup said the perpetrators drink "fragments" yesterday, see evidence after Han still said "don’t remember". Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin photo Beijing News (reporter Liu Yang) random collision, smashing grab Audi, 1 dead and 1 injured, 8 vehicles damaged…… Last July 18th morning in Chaoyang District Wang Hua Lu (Beijing News malignant pileup reported in July 19, 2015) the man Mr. Han, went on trial yesterday to disturb the crime and the crime of endangering public safety in the third hospital. Before the incident, the driver of the car drops signing Han said, when he’s been drinking "fragments", then do not remember. After the crash and hit the car after the crash triggered a vicious car accident is a retrograde crash. The incident that morning at about 9, Korea driving a Passat retrograde hit a taxi, the taxi began smashing and passing vehicles. In the crowd in the video shot, Han stopped a Audi car, cursing with an iron bar hit, then he robbed the car regardless of block. According to the allegations, Han driving a Audi in the vicinity of Huajiadi Street roundabout and hit the road side of a modern car, causing the car and roadside three car pileup; then the ark court area outside the east gate to hit two people, resulting in dead and another injured, and two cars collided, and finally to four yuan on the north side of the bridge the auxiliary road, south side road and hit two cars, and for driving the car damaged after parking, the police rushed to the control. After testing, the blood alcohol content of Han reached 144.1mg 100ml. The prosecution that should to disturb the crime, the crime of endangering public safety, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility han. To participate in the trial, there are a number of criminal incidental civil plaintiff, most of whom were the owner of the crash. It is understood that the case has been completed in the settlement of the deceased. See the driver knocked back memory "and" (the charges) have no objection, I admit I do not remember, but all." Born in 1988, Han said that the day of the incident in the early morning, he was about to eat and drink a lot of wine, he said after the accident did not impress. Trial scene, Han suddenly proposed to see the first was the taxi driver, hoping to remind yourself of what happened at that time. Sitting in the plaintiff’s seat with a civil lawsuit on the taxi driver raised his hand behind him, Han turned his head to look at, still can not remember". The taxi driver recalled, was driving a Passat Korea retrograde hit after he got out of the car to take pictures of evidence, but did not think Han rushed down to scold, also tried to beat him. "When I smell tear him a liquor," the master said, he ran away after the station found Mr. Han to his taxi, then rushed to the middle of the road, pulled from the cab next to the passing vehicles, until Audi left open. It is understood, and Han drinking together net about car driver, also suspected of drunk driving, but because the evidence has been effective alcohol detection time, the evidence is not sufficient and has not been investigated. The case is not in court for sentencing. Li Han sued for questioning the "two sins" to determine how? Endanger public safety felony absorption misdemeanor; disturb the behavior of relatively independent Han sued why disturb the crime and endangering the public.相关的主题文章: