The door to the difficult Pu Jinhui cronies; this week whether to release the position of the -sunny came home

15 Apr

The door to the difficult   Pu Jinhui cronies; whether this week issued a position cited concern – International – according to South Korean media reports, South Korean prosecutors with President Park Geun hye "cronies" incident in-depth investigation, the relevant information has been disclosed, Pu Jinhui is facing its ruling since the storm. In the next important week, whether Pu Jinhui issued a statement of position as the biggest concern. Reported that park Geun hye is about to usher in a sprint week, the prosecution investigation, the preparation of the national standards for the preparation of the standard history of the problem, not to accept the resignation of the two major political and legal systems and other issues need to be resolved. Therefore, next week is expected to become a watershed. In particular, the survey of the current time from the prosecution decided 29 days only 2 days, more emphasis on the side of Park Geun hye break the current impasse pressure. Some analysts said, park Geun hye may to the prosecution investigation of lack of justice by refusing to respond to the survey, or even skip the special inspection survey. Therefore, the investigation of the prosecution asked not to respond to the possibility of great. Prosecutors announced after the park Geun hye is accused of breach of privilege stress cronies "accomplice" is whether bribery, park way investigation, and insisted on "face to face" direct investigation. Even, prosecutors have called for internal calls for an arrest warrant issued by the mandatory investigation of the park take. On the other hand, park Geun hye accepted two head of delayed political and legal system — the justice minister Jin Xianxiong and Chong Wa Dae in charge of civil affairs chief secretary Cui Zaiqing please request to resign, the draft resolution as well as the three largest opposition party to the ruling new national party jointly submitted the impeachment of President Park Geun hye, and impeachment in December 2nd (draft resolution a) as a result of the complex political tensions vote. It is reported that park Geun hye and staff meeting over the weekend to listen to the report, consider the next chief secretary presided over the official meeting or Council of state, published on the national position statement positive breakthrough scheme. (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章: