The director works promote the review enchantment is being opened (video)-incubus

16 Apr

The director works promote the "review" enchantment is being opened up [Abstract] review became a large number of movie director fig leaf, but Johnny To, Cao Baoping, Lin Chaoxian and a few other great directors, they can shoot entertaining and not lose the expression of the works. The "going abroad" of the story, "the Mekong River action" scale big Tencent (text editor Chen Xiaonao entertainment Zhuangao Jie Zi) National Day holiday has come to an end, the National Archives four animal are labeled as "read". In summary, the blind audience titanium eye, not the "grand track" in Amber Kuo’s eyes, is not "passing from your world" small Yue Yue kichiku smiles, but "the Mekong River action" scale – Eddie Peng as an undercover narcotics police, in order to dry out revenge drug traffickers, though not a positive lens, but has enough shock. The film should be seen heart thump, so the review has? "Action" can be made into the Mekong River, is supported by Ministry of public security, Yang Wei of China’s demand, such a large scale seems to understand. In order to let all the sensitive circumstances over the trial, director Lin Chaoxian not only in the script work plot design will be reasonable and positive energy, but also not to mind taking the trouble and full communication including photoelectric all examination department of administration and the Ministry of public security, let them understand all intentions. This makes Lin Chaoxian look like a super striker, a person to complete long-distance ball break, so great. But this understanding is too simple, try to stand in the examination department’s point of view, review these years a lot of film experience, will be found very interesting: they are not as we imagined so slow-witted, but deliberately step by step "water". "The Mekong River action" of the shooting, with the Ministry of public security to support the first widely circulated on the Internet "Devils" into 1998 after the completion of the shooting, submitting the comments received: "on the one hand, not only did not show in the Anti Japanese war in the background, Chinese people on the aggressor’s hatred and revolt (the only one to dare to do and fighting the Japanese is a madman, annoying villagers) instead highlight and exaggerate its focus side ignorance, numbness, servility, on the other hand, not only did not fully exposed the aggressive nature of Japanese militarism, but to highlight the rendering of the Japanese aggressors rampant momentum serious swagger before others, resulting in the deviation of the basic conception of the film. The film appears at the foul, and from the Japanese soldiers in the mouth repeatedly abused "chinapigs", in addition to the female nudity, the overall style of vulgar, does not comply with the "Regulations" censorship standards." This is just the film received the examination opinions, behind also cited 15 plots and play different, and 5 were not in accordance with the opinions of the examination script revisions, feeling almost can be seen at the review provisions of the picture, also can feel to see Jiang Wen in the face of a review black mark. 2 years later, the devil came at the Cannes Film Festival premiere. 2 years later, in japan. So far, it has not been released in china. After a long period of time, the debate on the director and the review department, is always negative news, what the film was banned, which!相关的主题文章: