The Civil Aviation Bureau informed Shanghai aircraft collision insurance forgotten aircraft dynamic -kimi wo omou melodi

16 Apr

The Civil Aviation Bureau informed Shanghai aircraft insurance: collision dynamics of the aircraft controllers forgotten the original title: "Shanghai two airliner collision insurance" civil aviation bureau investigation concluded JINGWAH Times News (reporter Hao Shaoying) yesterday afternoon, the Civil Aviation Security Bureau held an emergency video conference, informed the "10· preliminary conclusion 11" accident investigation. This is the sign of a serious accident with tower man-made aircraft, in violation of work dynamic controllers forgotten by standard. The accident two plane perpendicular to the shortest distance is only 19 meters, 13 meters away from the wingtip. 330 units of the SOP problem; the 320 unit disposal decisive operation correctly, to avoid accidents. Informed that this is a tower controller forgetting the aircraft dynamics signs of serious accidents of man-made reasons caused by the violation of work standards. Nature is extremely serious, belonging to class a runway invasion, almost a plane crash. When two aircraft vertical distance of only 19 meters, 13 meters away from the tip, 320 units to deal decisively to correct manipulation, avoid accident. 330 crew received the wrong command through the runway, although the plane took off, but did not question. Informed that the controllers in violation of the relevant provisions of double blind command post system is not in place to implement the responsibility; professional qualification is the priority among priorities, to keep up with the self-control; management means and work process problems, to think reason system, improvement. Bulletin also mentioned that the 330 units of the existence of SOP problems, poor observation, not in accordance with the provisions of the closure of the transponder. Fly with the left side of the eastern side of the driver did not know the runway. There was no cross examination. But the unit does not obey the command tower wait for machinery, speeding through the two machine, avoid collision, exposed the training problem. 320 units is in place, threatened decision, liledagong. The driver was in a hurry to handle the brakes, and the captain took over the operation quickly, taking the lever to the mechanical stop at a rate of 7.03 seconds. The civil aviation authority requirements of ATC system inspection of safe production responsibility system is perfect; whether the strict implementation of personnel training in key positions, qualifications and work style is consistent with the requirements; if there is overload control operation procedures are reasonable; optimization; safety problem of dishonesty whether there is illegal operation, touch the red line. In addition, according to news, Eastern Airlines staff revealed to the media, the current eastern tower to no party accountable to. And to avoid the tragedy caused by the A320 airliner captain, CEA intends to material rewards. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: