The boss for money will shutter global formaldehyde in Beijing Dichotomanthes

18 Nov

The boss will make money for new network – global shutter Dichotomanthes formaldehyde in the boss for money blind Dichotomanthes global formaldehyde Su Shixin in order to make their beef tripe, bull backstraps bright color, easy to sell, the boss will have a large number of beef tripe, cattle rib in formaldehyde soaked with morning to sell, was seized on the spot. Recently, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu province Quanshan District Procuratorate on suspicion of production, selling poisonous and harmful food crimes will be approved the arrest of Guo Qiang. Guo Qiang this year has been in the district Xuzhou City morning selling tripe and cattle rib. In order to make their beef tripe, bull backstraps looks more bright color, Guo Qiang from July to August in Xuzhou City Quanshan District eighteen Village of a rented room, will be selling tripe and cattle backstraps soaked in formaldehyde, and then get on the morning until the morning after the sale. Reported by the masses, at 1 am on August 16th, investigators came to the house will be captured Guo Qiang. Investigators seized on the spot from the electric tricycle in their home to be sold 20.54 kilograms of cattle, beef ribs, ribs and a bottle of formaldehyde suspected of liquid formaldehyde 143.28. After identification, the formaldehyde content is 28.8mg kg for sale tripe, beef ribs formaldehyde content of 132.4mg kg. (Su Shixin)相关的主题文章: