The autistic boy had no friends, but this time he received 20 thousand birthday cards-haywire

15 Apr

The autistic boy without a friend, but this received 20 thousand birthday cards – Britain’s 15 year old Oliver with autism, to make friends. (map / turn taken from the mirror) Britain’s 15 year old autistic boy Ollie (Ollie Jones), more than 20 thousand pieces from around the world to receive a birthday card before the date, more than the queen of England in 17 thousand, his mother said: "I want to cry, moved to speak". According to the "mirror" reported that live in Exmouth was living in single parent families suffering from autism, so even a friend can make to. The 49 year old mother Karen (Karen Jones) recently he saw as a birthday card, he wanted to give the baby a big surprise. Karen launched a campaign in the community website, users who want to write a birthday card to his son, unexpectedly after Ollie’s 15 birthday, received 20 thousand cards from around the world, there are hundreds of gifts, including electronic gaming machines from Arabia. Karen said: "I can only say thank you very much, everyone is full of kindness, love and kindness". But in addition to Ollie was very happy and also sad that "in addition to their own, no one gave me a card, this is really amazing". (ETTV cloud)相关的主题文章: