The apple press conference on the eve of when swiss pushed Henry mu; alp watch&nbs incubus

19 Nov

The apple press conference on the eve of   when Swiss  pushed Henry mu; Alp  Watch  S watch   behind the traditional Swiss watchmaking – Fashion – Apple conference scheduled for 1 a.m. Beijing time in September 8th held in the new conference, many Apple fans are concerned about the latest release of iPhone 7, but also very concerned about the Apple Watch 2. Since the advent of Watch Apple, not only a road leading toward the smart watch, but also whipped up a gust of wind in the watch industry, the real sense of the crisis by the Swiss watch. But when we discuss traditional tabulating and smart watch things, H. Moser & Cie. Henry Mu when made a surprise move. In January this year, 2016SIHH launched the Swiss Alp for Henry Watch, a Swiss made, the whole design of modern mechanical watches, shocked the industry. This watch looks exactly like the apple, but the movement is indeed real Swiss made traditional tabulation. Henry hopes to convey a clear message to the outside world: "we are not lost; we still adhere to the mechanical tabulation of inheritance; this is what we are doing, and good at doing". This concept has been widely praised, 50 Swiss Alp Watch watch once launched immediately swept the circle of watch. Now, in the Apple Watch on the eve of 2, Henry once again launched the Swiss Alp Watch for the new series: Midnight Blue fumé Swiss Alp Watch: a smoky dial S watch. H. Moser & Cie. Henry Mu when advocates of traditional watchmaking concept, and the classical tradition and modern temptation of perfect fusion, without losing the wit and a rebel — this is the brand logo features. Swiss Alp Watch S watch series and their style perfect fit. Rectangular case rounded edges and chamfer is covered with sapphire crystal glass, appearance is dripping. Classic midnight blue fumé smoked dial exudes a mysterious deep luster. Elegant Black Crocodile Leather Watchband and manual chronograph HMC 324 movement more enhanced this effect. With the combination of traditional and modern elements of the line, H. Moser Swiss Alp Watch watch can achieve a double unified rich meaning and vitality appearance, thus more charming. The table fans delight, Swiss Alp Watch S H. Moser watch is now being introduced for the & Cie. Henry series – not only as a limited edition, but become a brave adventurer (Endeavour), (Venturer) and Portland (Pioneer) a series of racing together bridle to bridle. As the Swiss Alp Watch watch, new)相关的主题文章: