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13 Jun

Mobil-Computing Despite smartphones and mobile applications becoming an integral part of peoples everyday lives, not all apps enjoy the same level of popularity. The number of applications downloaded on an everyday basis is in no way a measure of how they would fare in the long run. If we are to go by statistics, monthly app engagement averages around 30 hours, assisting users in carrying out key activities like navigation, information lookup, searches, etc. Apart from their apparent utility, mobile applications are also an effective medium of establishing your brand value and to form a deeper connect with your consumers. Formulating a mobile marketing strategy can do a few wonders for your enterprise, like: – Improving your offline (and online) experience – Driving e-commerce sales – Enhancing consumer connect There is no doubt that mobile applications have become the connecting medium between both marketers and customers. However, marketers often face difficulty in maintaining a constant level of engagement between their apps and users. How brands and businesses ensure that their consumers discover and stay engaged with their mobile apps is what we analyze in this article. Discovery and Visibility One in every four mobile app user, i.e., 40% of the total smartphone population, found an app from their devices respective app store. As marketers it would be correct to assume that a majority of their users head to the respective app stores to search for an app. However, these app stores are not the only source of discovering an app. Users can often come across an app from sources like in-app advertisements, videos, while searching for another app or even browsing other websites. With over 3 million apps available in the app store for downloading, marketers need to be even more attentive to details in ensuring that their app stands out from the rising app tsunami. Advertisements are another major source of app discovery, as can be observed from various statistics: 50% from search ads 49% from social ads 47% from graphic ads in other apps 45% graphic ads in websites Engagement and Re-engagement The consensus is that people turn to mobile applications that can ease their everyday activities and if the apps manage to perform specific tasks. Further research statistics reveal that one in every three users will frequently use an app if it can simplify their lives. However, there are users (38%) who download apps just to complete particular transactions; they are bound to uninstall them as soon as the transaction is complete. How do marketers/ brands ensure that users retain interests in their apps? The answer lies in the brands ability to prove that the utility and value of their app is still intact. In addition, other forms of incentives like discounts, exclusive offers and new features can be implemented to prompt users to reengage with an abandoned app. A mobile application development company can accelerate the process of app visibility, to some extent, with their understanding of the latest trends in the market as well as experience in creating high-performance apps. From the business as well as technology point of view, you can leverage your business by collaborating with any Android app development company. Being a mobile application development company, they can effectively design mobile applications that not only highlight your services and enhance your brand value, but also integrate the latest trends in technology. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: