Ten tips to help you find inspiration for photography-queer as folk

04 Jun

Ten tips to help you find inspiration for photography, photography is a skill but also need inspiration of learning, but sometimes we will find that the lack of inspiration is shooting. Photographer Kiara Rose is a free occupation, often for different personal brand shooting, she thinks the photographer is an artist, so often have different creative inspiration, but if the pace of life too soon, "inspiration", in a variety of shooting experience, she came to realize that some steps can get new inspiration, I hope to give you some inspiration. 1. rest and relax, plan a period of time every day, completely calm down, listen to music, read books, just look out the window can also, although it sounds boring, but every day with a small amount of time to relax, so that your head has a breathing opportunity, brainstorming. 2., think about life, set yourself big and small goals, write down ten things you want to accomplish every week, and then slowly implement, even a very subtle goal can also (such as buying a new toothbrush), the completion of the target will make yourself more confident. 3. pay attention to the environment around you, don’t just watch mobile phones or travel on the street, look around the shops, look at the scenery, listen to songs can also be. 4. people who are relaxed and curious will soon be bored with things around them, or in the long run, many things don’t make any sense. Don’t be too serious about everything and face life easily, and then you will have new breakthroughs. 5. don’t force yourself to a new idea, the pressure will only make the inspiration not appear for a holiday off mobile phone with a camera, go out for a walk, so you must take what than has been thinking, what to plan better. 6. try to do something that you haven’t tried. Now many people have access to information on the Internet, but the experience of reading a solid book is completely different. As a unique person, that is, we can walk with our heart, walk on a road that never goes, try new restaurants and so on, broaden your horizons, and this is the easiest way to find new ways to get inspiration. 7. do not compare with people, people are more than dead people, as photographers should not be compared with other people, because people are unique, even in the same place, there will be different views, take different photos. 8. change the living environment to tidy up the room, change the pattern of hair, rearrange the sequence of app, a new mobile phone wallet bag new. Make your life more fresh, and also make your heart healthy. 9. review happy memories, old photos, diaries, etc. by reviewing memories or sharing experiences with others, you can also get some ideas that may have been forgotten. 10., remove the anxiety from life, if it is troubled by the pressure of life, it is impossible to have new inspiration, in a variety of ways not to live in anxiety and pressure, travel is also a way to find inspiration.

十条小建议帮你找寻到摄影的灵感   摄影是一门除了技巧还需要灵感的学问,但有些时候我们会发现自己缺少的就是拍摄时的灵感。摄影师Kiara Rose是一名自由职业者,经常为不同的个人企业品牌拍摄,她认为摄影师就是艺术家,因此需要经常有不同的创作灵感,但如果生活节奏太急,很快就会“灵感 枯竭”,在各种拍摄经验中,她感悟到了一些步骤可以得到新灵感,希望能给大家一些启发。   1.休息放松   每天规划一段时间完全静下心来,听音乐、看书、只是看着窗外也可以,虽然听起来很枯燥,但每天用少量时间放松使,可让你的脑袋有喘息的机会、集思广益。   2.要反思人生,为自己定立大大小小的目标   每星期写下十件想完成的事,然后慢慢实现,即使是很微细的目标也可以(如买新牙刷),完成目标会令自己更有自信。   3.留意身边的环境   在街上不要只看手机或赶路,看看身边的店铺、看风景,听歌也可以。   4.轻松和充满好奇心地生活   人对身边事物很快会感到沉闷,或者久而久之觉得很多事情都没什么意义,别对一切都太严肃,轻松面对生活,才会有新突破。   5.不要强迫自己有新念头,压力只会让灵感没法出现   找一个假日关掉手机,带相机出门走走,这样子比起一直苦思到底要拍什么、要有什么计划更好。   6.随心做一件没试过的事情   现在很多人已经会上网收看资讯,但是看一本实体书的体会完全不一样。作为人的独特就是我们能随心而行,走一条平日不会走的路,试新的餐厅等等,拓宽你的视野,这是找到新的方法,以得到启发的最简单方法。   7.不要和人比较   人比人比死人,作为摄影师不应该跟其他人比较,因为人是独特的,即使到同样地方,也会有不同的看法,拍出不同的照片。   8.改变生活环境   收拾房间、改变格局,染头发,重新排列手机 app 的次序、换新袋新银包。让自己的生活更有新鲜感,也能够使心灵健康。   9.重温快乐回忆   看旧照片、日记等,通过重温回忆或者跟他人分享经历,也可以从中得到一些可能已被遗忘的想法。   10.把焦虑从生活中删除   如果被生活压力所困扰,是不可能有新灵感的,用各种方法让自己不要活在焦虑和压力中,去个旅行也是找到拍摄灵感的方法。相关的主题文章: