Telecommunications fraud victims are expected to be frozen within 3 days of the return of

15 Apr

Telecommunications fraud victim was the freezing of funds is expected to return within 3 days of September 20, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Wu Yu, Li Yanxia) in recent years, the telecommunications network model crime intensified, people caused great loss of property. 20, China China Banking Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a document, the public security organs, the requirements of banking institutions to freeze the funds have been identified, the timely return of the masses of the people, and make clear the banking financial institutions shall handle the case in return for three working days. The criminals often use telecommunications and Internet technology, through SMS, telephone, Trojan horse and other means, deception (steal) victim funds (deposit) in the control of the bank account, the implementation of new telecommunications network crimes. The bank is to save the victim’s last line of defense, to assist the public security organs in accordance with the law on the implementation of specific bank account freeze. In order to reduce the loss of property of the victim network model of criminal cases, according to law, to ensure timely and convenient return to freeze funds, the CBRC and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the "telecommunications network model of criminal cases of freezing of funds return several provisions", the return of the working principles, responsibilities, conditions, procedures and methods and the return of the victim the obligation. Requirements, the public security organs are responsible for identifying the victims of the flow of funds, timely notification of the victim, and the ownership of the property rights of the victim to make a clear decision to return the funds, the implementation of the return. Public security organs should take the initiative to contact with the victim, in accordance with the law for the return of funds, shall not charge any fees for personal gains. Regulations clearly, the banking financial institutions should be in accordance with relevant laws, administrative regulations and regulations, to assist the public security organs in a timely manner to implement the freezing of funds involved in the work. Be able to handle the scene, should be handled on the scene; the scene can not be completed, it should be completed within three working days. Public security organs to remind the masses, to be vigilant to prevent deception. Once found cheated, immediately report to the public security organs, and provide relevant information. The illegal acts of bank cards, the public security organs will be given severe blow. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: