Tang Yan Liu Yifei is here, but her mother’s not here How brave love (video) quickchm

17 Nov

Tang Yan Liu Yifei is here, but her mother’s not here? Brave love what life is like a play, everywhere has the reverse, a wedding yesterday and seize the headlines, and made N a hot search! Hot 1 Tang Yan Liu Yifei came to a piece of mother did not come! Jane Zhang was married in Italy, but her mother did not receive the invitation is still in Chengdu, but also to prosecute the future son-in-law! At the same time the birthday of the same box reconciliation is not agreed that the mother has been agreed? Why is it so fast?! Hot search 2 Jane Zhang Wedding Bridesmaid hot search fairy sister to attend the wedding of Jane Zhang’s message even beyond of the wedding itself attention! The wedding of Jane Zhang is the focus of all her, Liu Yifei for the first time to be a bridesmaid to a controversial marriage. Distressed Liangying, but who said only in accordance with the script to go to happiness? The world was not optimistic about marriage, doomed to give up? As Jane Zhang said in the lyrics do not bless their blessings, we must be happy, you eat too much suffering. When you gossip about her, maybe it can take a closer look at the wedding itself, see feng Ke handed ring the moment, Jane Zhang’s affectionate gaze! [the most creative large wedding – it ate skewers himself married] love is not an outsider to say, at least the couple is because Chengdu is the home of Jane Zhang happiness within, so Feng Ke to accompany her, took a group of very special hometown wedding photo! Have hot pot with mahjong! In November 6th, Feng Ke and Jane Zhang drying out the wedding, and love Jane Zhang: "that accompany you to build the Great Wall, eat a string of children, until the old." In the photo, Jane Zhang wore a wedding dress and Feng Ke did not forget to eat together strings, playing mahjong, very funny. Subsequently, Jane Zhang forwarded this article, and quipped: "well, after all," coming out of the closet is not back!" [wait for 12 years and finally became the most beautiful bride] Jane Zhang Feng Ke’s wedding was held in Italy Rome, Feng Ke gave her a perfect wedding, they also in this life the most handsome and beautiful, the happiest day of the day should be. With the help of a Jane Zhang Feng Ke dress exchange rings wedding emcee Reno Wang, Hongkong musician Chen Shaoqi as a witness. Feng Ke true confession: I hope there are countless thirteen years. Jane Zhang responded: I said that the love is a lifetime. Jane Zhang finally put the bouquet to the same as Super Girls’s Tan Weiwei, I hope she can get happiness, the dolphin voice now finally married, is not all of a sudden and put you back in 2005 that sweep across the earth talent competition site! Growth is a kind of transformation, this time Jane Zhang brave love! How to! This dress is Jane Zhang Tony Ward team about 20 hand workers made 2 months time to complete the wedding ~ value in 160 thousand euros (about 1 million 190 thousand yuan), now feel this about 1000000 wedding details. The last to wear Tony Ward this brand or Jane Zhang in "I am a singer" game. Stunning appearance on the audience, friends shouted the goddess, the wedding is still expected to choose this brand! Custom wedding shoes and shoes are not suitable for only their own know] in order to create a perfect wedding, Salvatore Ferra circle相关的主题文章: