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19 Nov

The Supreme People’s Procuratorate: national judicial relief is state compensation – Sohu news according to Xinhua News Agency on the 25th Supreme People’s Procuratorate issued before the "National People’s Procuratorate judicial relief work rules (Trial)", to further standardize the national judicial relief work of procuratorial organs, clearly defined seven kinds of specific circumstances shall rescue the procuratorate. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate criminal appeals procuratorial department official explained that the procuratorial organ to carry out national judicial assistance, must be carried out in the judicial process, can not be divorced from the process of handling simple handling functions and carry out rescue. The nature of the national judicial assistance is a part of the social security system, not the state compensation, nor is it the state subrogation for civil compensation. Is the temporary social security measures, the premise is the related criminal cases or civil tort cases, the parties and the violation result in personal injury or significant property damage, its purpose is to help the parties to get rid of difficulties facing the urgent life, is a one-time relief directly to the victim to take, not for the same object for long term or repeatedly, not replace social security. According to the rules of relief, the application shall be made by the relief assistance to the case of the procuratorate. A person who has no capacity for action or a limited capacity for action may, on behalf of his legal representative, apply for assistance. Seven kinds of cases procuratorate shall rescue 1 criminal victims by criminal violations caused by injuries or serious disability, death or injury without compensation, the compensation can not be obtained through litigation, causing problems in life. 2 victims of criminal cases by the crime of endangering life, in urgent need of medical treatment, unable to bear the cost of medical treatment. 3 of the victims in criminal cases by the crime against death, rely on their income as the main source of living near relatives or the maintenance, maintenance and custody of the other people, because the perpetrators of death or without compensation, the compensation can not be obtained through litigation, causing problems in life. 4 victims of criminal cases are subject to criminal damage, resulting in significant loss of property, due to the death of the perpetrators or no compensation, can not be compensated through litigation, resulting in difficulties in life. 5 informants, witnesses and expert witnesses to testify for the prosecution report, or accept the procuratorial organs entrusted by judicial identification of personal injury take revenge, resulting in property or suffer heavy losses and damages cannot be obtained through litigation, causing problems in life. 6 because of road traffic accidents and other civil tort caused personal injury, unable to obtain compensation through litigation, causing difficulties in life. 7 according to the actual situation of the procuratorate, the need to rescue other situations.相关的主题文章: