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19 Nov

Storm TV become Tmall 11 sales champion, behind the logic of what? Sohu science and technology text one watch 11 TV industry is also the electricity supplier war, compared with previous years, the storm TV become the biggest dark horse this year. As of press time, the storm was 11, TV Beijing time 8:33 in the Tmall single channel exceeded 100 million at 8:35, super TV 40X storm exceeded 50000 units won a single product champion, 11:36 storm super TV sales over 88888 units. Double 11 open, storm TV is a single channel in 27 minutes to achieve sales of 10000 units, directed at Tmall’s dual TV category sales champion of 11. The entire double 11, the major TV brands list has been released to the full platform as a channel qualifier brand accounted for the majority. Only storm TV announced Tmall single channel sales results. Currently 11 of the data, only Tmall platform data is open, the so-called full platform data, it is difficult to distinguish authenticity. Obviously, Tmall single sales channels to compare is the correct way to open the double 11, real storm TV the sun out of the Tmall single channel sales performance is enough to crush other Internet TV brand. In fact, in 11 before the release of the double Orville yunwang TV presale list, storm TV has locked up the top three, won the Tmall double 11 sales champion has no suspense. Storm TV first product was released in December 2015. In less than a year, the TV is a breakthrough brand in the fierce competition to millet, music and other Internet and a large number of traditional TV manufacturers? What are the thinking behind? The business logic of crowd storm TV win coverage accuracy: Internet plus content + intelligent TV industry reform began to scale, is the world’s largest TV China revitalize the stock market. From the first quarter of 2016 data report analysis of TV market, Chinese TV market shows a typical "dumbbell": T1 and T4 formed two replacement market share accounted for nearly 70%, compared to T2+T3 City sluggish demand. The following T4 market share of 48%, become a hotly contested spot TV business, while the price of medium size TV in less than 2000 yuan to become the biggest replacement market demand. From the Tmall 11 sales point of view, but also confirmed this point, the storm 40X TV and the storm of 45 45XS to become the top two TV category sales. It can be expected that the traditional old 32 stock TV in the next three years will usher in the replacement tide, and storm TV has become the most important agent in this market. Cost + quality: compared with traditional TV companies, Internet TV brands because of the cost savings under the line to highlight the advantages of channel costs. In the first quarter of this year, Internet TV brand sales have exceeded the market share of foreign brands, online channel market growth is more than 47%, quickly in the share of traditional TV business and offline sales channels. Compared to millet and music as a result of the new storm TV showed a stronger market offensive: its thousand yuan machine emperor 40 TV products in the hardware configuration and cost-effective, completely beyond the existing 32.相关的主题文章: