Stonefly Storage And Server Virtualization Solutions-windjview

23 Jul

Hardware StoneFly, which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network factory, offers storage virtualization and server virtualization related solutions, for .panies which are looking out for increase in the efficiency and management of their data center or IT infrastructure. StoneFly solutions are easy to use, redundant, high performance oriented and are pioneered with iSCSI and IP SAN technology. StoneFly offers an intelligent storage which has been centralized into Storage Area Network. It offers advanced services of storage which facilitate high utilization of the available storage space and also eliminates the underutilized disk resources, making it perfect for future aspects. DNF backed StoneFly IP SAN products support VMware virtualization platform and so are certified to be used with built in software. This includes iSCSI initiator for ESX server and the vSphere platform. Dynamic network factory backed StoneFly offers support to its Citrix XenServer Platform through its IP SAN products. At the same time it offers .patibility to open source Hypervisor, which is XenServer version 3.5 and above. DNF StoneFly offers data continuity solutions with help of SCVM certified of hosting partners through a wide variety of features. This includes Simplified disaster recovery solution, where the valuable data is offered from remote location, if in case the on-site access to data is lost. This facilitates quick redirection of application services and restoration of local data access. If the organizations do not have off-site data archiving, then the hybrid cloud is the best solution as it is affordable and scalable and offers quick DR solution. Without the need of technical constraints of system expansion, one can expand the storage requirements and also gain much of the .puting resources without much of operational costs. StoneFly SCVM certified partners offer an alternative of obtaining and deploying offsite data storage systems without the need of technical .plexity and capital expense. This offers the IT managers to focus on other work functions of the organizations, rather than worrying about the data protection. StoneFly applications can increase efficiency, availability, flexibility and simplicity for IP SAN products which is made possible by virtualization technology. With the help of iSCSI technology, leveraging of the network is possible which allows consolidation of storage and also the servers. The applications for iSCSI are Storage consolidation, virtual servers and DR application along with Disk to disk backup where Acceleration of restoration time is possible, while reducing the backup time. The D2D application also facilitates the automation of the backup process for simple data backup and recovery. When the requirement for hundred of servers arises in the office environment, there is a high cost associated with it. If there is presence of high density blade servers, the business enterprises can go with the maximum benefits of data center resources and will automatically lessen infrastructure management and the costs associated with it. This is achieved with the help of simplification of cabling, reduction in power consumption and elimination of time in the administration of the IT manager. With the deployment of Blade Servers which support IP SAN storage, server and storage centralization is achieved. Moreover, features such as load balancing, provisioning, failover capabilities are carried by a blade server, where all of the functionalities serve to reduce downtime. StoneFly also supports application of email archiving where growing email volumes be.e a matter of concern for an enterprise as it a tedious job to archive the emails and to manage them. DNF StoneFly helps in easing the iSCSI SANs with its email archiving feature can help in streamlining storage management and will make the recovery and access of data simple. With the support of advanced storage services such as snapshots and synchronous mirroring, the data recovery and performance simple. For all those .panies which are looking out for a robust data protection and seamless DR solution, StoneFly offers them its 365Vault solution. This is an ideal .work backup software and can be used by ROBOs and Small and medium businesses. With the help of 365Vault users can backup the distributed data which is available on notebooks, servers and desktops. And the backup will be made available to onsite or offsite data storage. 365Vault offers first seed backup which has to be made onsite and then the rest of the backups, when changes are made to files and folders, can be made through an online backup. Feel free to access our Storage Calculator 相关的主题文章: